In part 1 of this article, you read about what would make the perfect home of your new microbrewery. Most existing buildings just don’t make the cut. They might be in a good location, but they’re too small.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the customizable and expandable qualities of a Miracle Truss® building a perfect choice to house your microbrewery.

A match made in beer heaven

  • Customization – When you go with a Miracle Truss® building, you have the option to customize your design to match the layout for your operations and equipment. You can also customize its outside appearance.
  • Affordability – Miracle Truss® steel and metal DIY building kits are more affordable than traditional construction. No flat ceilings or low hanging rafters to get in your way. More usable interior space gives a nice open feeling while inside the building and allows for car lifts, maneuvering large materials inside, flexibility to add a loft for multiple uses.
  • Easy expansion – Our building designs are made for people who want to leave their options open. You can easily expend most designs to add more space for your microbrewery. That comes in handy if you decide to add a tasting room at a later date.
  • Exceptional strength – Your microbrewery housed in one of our Miracle Truss® buildings gives you peace of mind. Steel buildings hold up to harsh weather, and the steel and metal construction protects your investment from fire, rodents, and insects.
  • Fast construction – Miracle Truss® buildings arrive on your property ready to be put up. Faster construction means you’re much closer to brewing.
  • Longevity – Steel buildings are fabricated to last. Our buildings come with a 50-year structural warranty. That gives you an idea of the lifespan of our products.
  • Low maintenance – Customers aren’t shy about telling us how much they love the low maintenance aspects of a Miracle Truss® building. There’s no need to worry about repainting or other maintenance jobs. You’ll spend more time on what’s important: brewing good beer.
  • Spacious designs – Miracle Truss® designs feature clear-span trusses. There are no low-hanging rafters to get in the way of your brewery equipment. You’ll have more usable interior space, including the ability to add a loft with some designs.

How big?

Many people in the very beginning phases of exploring the idea of microbreweries invariably have the same question: How big does the brewery building have to be?

It’s a difficult question to answer with absolute certainty because it will depend on a few factors, such as the size of your brewing system, your expected yearly production, and the various purposes for your space. Will you also need an office area? How about a tasting room?

There’s a general rule of thumb for the actual brewing equipment. You’ll need approximately 500 square feet for a system of up to five barrels. Look for no less than about 1,200 square feet if you’re going to start out with a 15-barrel brewing system.

Keep in mind that’s just for the equipment. You’ll still need to factor in bottling or canning, storage, and any other uses. Don’t forget to include space for skid loaders or similar equipment that’ll help you move things around.

Use this form to request free information. You’ll notice one of the questions we really want you to answer is the building use. We’re also keen on knowing the location information because we can help you make sure your new microbrewery building will be compliant with the local building codes in your area.

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