Miracle Truss® Buildings | DIY Steel Building Kits in California

Our clients in California love our pop-up steel truss building kits for their durability and use in a variety of different needs and use scenarios, such as:

  • The ability for our steel truss buildings to meet and exceed excessive snow loads, wind loads, and to meet tough seismic requirements makes our building system perfect for your California project.
  • So you want to build in the Golden State, huh?  Whether you are building in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernadino, Riverside, or Sonoma or Napa county, our buildings are made for the variation in climates and strict structural guidelines that California follows and are especially durable with our 50 year frame warranty.
  • Our unique Steel for strength and Wood for flexibility design allows you to easily modify your building such as adding insulation as your time and budget allows.
  • Edge mounted wood studs on 24” centers allow for thick and effective batt-type or spray-in insulation methods.  Go hybrid more more flexibility and the ability to tailor it to your needs.
  • Our DIY building kits allow you to be able to build your own or use local affordable labor to finish out your project.  Do-it-yourself to save cost and get a better building.
  • Want to work with alternative building materials such as straw bail, wood siding, solar panels, or the like?  No problem!  Go Green with Miracle Truss – the wood framing on the outside of our steel trusses allow you to put your personal touches on your building project!
  • With coastal wind and heavy snow up in the mountains in the Sierra Nevada’s the weather is no match for Miracle Truss Buildings.
  • We supply steel truss buildings all over the state of California for aircraft hangars, garages, workshops, RV and Marine Storage, wineries, breweries, maintenance facilities, agricultural, homes and cabins, modern retreats, municipal, and many other unique uses!
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