Can a Miracle Truss Building really be erected by just a “handyman” type like me?

Yes!  Miracle Truss® Buildings are designed for the do-it-yourselfer.  With our simple bolt-together design our steel trusses are test fit and welded at the factory to ensure a perfect fit and therefore there is no welding to be done on the jobsite.  Simply bolt your steel trusses together, and slide the lumber right into prepositioned steel clips and screw into place.

Can I put a different type of roofing or siding material on the building (do I have to use steel)?

Due to our unique combination of bolt-together steel trusses with 2′ on center edge-mounted wood secondary members the Miracle Truss® system is the perfect option for standard finishing materials.  If its a design element that you are going for or a requirement from your city or local municipality the Miracle Truss® system is very adaptable to almost any exterior facade.  We can help you with any combination from supplying just the trusses only to a completely steel sheeted building to anything in-between.  Shingle roofs, tile, or standing seam roofs work great with our design as does, vinyl siding, wood, Hardie® board, brick, or even SIPS (structurally insulated panels) and almost any other type of siding that you might be considering.  Let us know how you are envisioning your building to look from the outside and we will help you accommodate to achieve your goals.  Miracle Truss® options

Can you provide a custom roof pitch or non-standard sidewall height?

Yes.  At Miracle Truss® our options and capabilities are almost limitless.  We strive to say “yes” to our clients as often as we can when custom options are needed to meet local codes or to accomplish a certain design element.  Custom roof pitches and “oddball” sidewall heights are just the tip-of-the-iceberg of options that we are capable of helping you out with.  If you don’t see something on our site that you are interested in doing with your building project just ask us – we love to help!  DIY bolt-together steel trusses for strength and wood for flexibility.  Miracle Truss® Capabilites

Do I need a concrete slab in order to erect a Miracle Truss Building?

While a concrete slab is always nice to work off of while you erect your new building it is not necessary to erect our design. If you have the time and budget, pouring the slab first however is always the easiest way to go. If your needs don’t include a full slab or you just don’t have it in the budget to start with, your Miracle Truss® Building can be erected and supported by simple concrete piers that the steel truss legs bolt to with just a gravel or dirt floor. If your plan is to pour a slab in the future, a slab can then be poured at any time as your time or budget allows. We will supply column placement plans that will help you with aligning where the piers need to go.

Is Miracle Truss® a building broker?

No!  Miracle Truss® is directly partnered with its factory.  Every Miracle Truss® building is manufactured to our own design and specifications (we do not buy and resell someone else’s product).  We warranty our products as such, including our industry best lifetime frame warranty and are backed by 35+ years of structural manufacturing and design.  Buy with confidence.

Can you provide engineered building plans for my state?

Upon request we will supply engineered stamped building plans your Miracle Truss® Building structure for any US state and Canada. Building overseas? We have options for that too!

Did you read an unfortunate review about Miracle Truss from 2007?

Please know that any review of Miracle Truss® prior to 2015 applies to the shuttered company – not ours.  We use the Miracle Truss® name because it perfectly describes our philosophy and the “Miracle” of strength that our high-quality, precision pre-engineered steel trusses offer.  We are a family run, Veteran owned business and our operation is staffed with experienced, customer-focused professionals who will help you insure that your construction project moves forward seamlessly.
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I see you are a hybrid building – does this mean your trusses have wood legs?

No, our trusses are made out of steel and sit on steel legs (columns) that simply bolt to the top of a concrete pier. We do incorporate wood into the design however as our buildings utilize wood for the secondary members that go from steel truss to steel truss. Our clients tell us that we are the best of both worlds – steel for strength and wood for flexibility! Plus with our Lifetime Steel Frame Warranty you’ll never have to worry about wood posts rotting off in the ground. Steel legs for strength and longevity.