“Awesome and easy to deal

~Pat, Montana
















“So far it’s withstood 73 mph
winds and it’s still here!!!!”

~Dan, Arizona















“straight forward answers and down to earth conversation”

~Ty, Indiana












“The trusses are mean looking stuff! Miracle Truss should be proud of what they provide and how they handle their customers. This was a really pleasant experience all the way to the delivery driver and all the way back to my Building Consultant. Welds are beautiful! I will do all I can to help promote Miracle Truss in my area to go this route. I am very impressed with them as a whole company not just one part”

~Don, Texas

“After our shop burned in a wildfire in 2015, we made the decision to rebuild on our property and started looking for a metal building which would fit our needs and the funds we had available to rebuild. After researching numerous metal building in Alaska and on the West Coast, and not finding anyone who could fulfill all of our needs, we started looking elsewhere and came across Miracle Truss in Minnetonka, MN. They were extremely knowledgeable and assisted us with our wants and needs, some of which normally aren’t required by those in the Lower 48 states like above- average snow loads, increased winds, etc. They were also there when we had questions as the building was erected. The shipping all of the required materials to Alaska included more than just a point to point delivery, as the package was being sent all the way to Alaska. They kept us up-to-date on all aspects of the order and when received, all components were as ordered.  If you’re looking for a company that will give you a quality metal-building package and at the same time, treat you as a valued customer, you can’t beat Miracle Truss. Should the need for another building come up in the future, there is no doubt in our mind that we will be contacting Corey. Thanks again for a job well done.”


~Donna, Alaska

“We built a 60 x 80 Miracle Truss hangar home and love it. From start to finish, Corey and the folks at Miracle Truss were great; they supported us with attentive customer service and their metal buildings are well built and easy to erect. We live in Alaska where the conditions are harsh, our hangar home is comfortable and has withstood high winds and heavy snow loads. We highly recommend Miracle Truss metal buildings!”

~ Cash and Stacia, Alaska





“Miracle Truss is an excellent company to do business with. They treat each client with individualized attention and their customer service is outstanding. If you need a building this is the company to call”

~ Jeff, Minnesota








“These guys are great to work with and they put out an outstanding product. A few bucks more than putting wood poles in the ground, but totally worth every penny”.

~ Chad, Colodado




“After researching several buildings I decided to purchase a Miracle Truss building. The product looked good and the personnel were very easy to communicate with. They were able to customize the building to maximize my available space. They kept me informed during the entire manufacturing process. With the help of a few friends and family members, I was able to put up the building and am very happy with the results. The building looks great and appears to be very strong. The true test came in November 2017 when a storm front came through my area. It destroyed trees, homes, businesses, and even did major damage to the local high school gym, all less than a mile from my home. My building suffered no damage in the reported 90+ mile an hour winds. I have, and will, recommend Miracle Truss to anyone thinking about putting up a building.”

~Russ, Ohio