It can be amusing to see the looks on faces when you announce that you’re going to build your own house. Not only that, but you’re going to build it out of a combination of metal, steel, and wood. You have to admit it’s an uncommon declaration.

It may be uncommon at the moment, but that’s quickly changing as a growing number of people discover the benefits of house-building kits from Miracle Truss®. The first thing you have to do is set aside a few preconceived notions you might have about home construction so you can understand why transforming traditional construction into a DIY (do-it-yourself) project makes a lot of sense.

No Trade-Offs Or Sacrifices

Unless you’re intimately familiar with what’s entailed, you might get the initial impression that something with a “DIY” in it’s name or description is only a few steps up from an amateur project. The misconception gets underscored when you look at a price tag that’s lower in relation to a house built using traditional methods and materials.

Make no mistake, these houses may start off looking like a kit (and we’ll get into why later in this article) but the end result is a home every bit as functional and complete as anything that could be built for you – and more customized too. There’s nothing amateur about our house kits. They follow detailed architectural renderings and can be designed to meet almost any building code for snow and wind loads.

As you educate yourself about house-building kits, you’ll come to see that you actually end up with what in many respects is superior to a house built only with traditional wood framing construction. Your home is made of the best of all combinations. Steel for strength, and wood for flexibility. It’ll be sturdier, safer, and even healthier than other buildings.

While it takes advantage of state of the art design concepts, your house-building kit from Miracle Truss® Buildings won’t limit your choices for walls, floors, or any built-in feature you expect to find in any other new house construction. House-building kits remain true to industry standards. Here’s an example that many people ask about: Wall studs are edge mounted and are 2’ on center. Drywall panels, and all other home elements fit just as they’re supposed to.

Exact Fit

There’s an old saying in the construction industry: “Measure twice. Cut once.” You won’t be doing much of either because these house-building kits are designed to keep you in the assembly mode.

The plans are precise. Each metal and steel piece is preformed, while the wood construction material gives you the flexibility you desire. It’s laid out to offer you material as it’s called for on your assembly documents. It’s for this reason we noted earlier that your house-building kit starts off looking very kit-like – but it won’t stay that way for long.

Best Of All Worlds

We love wood for its beauty, flexibility, and light weight. When teamed with the amazing added strength of steel and metal elements everything works together to reward you with uniformity in surfaces, and squared corners.

You’re not imagining it. These buildings actually are sharper because the trusses use a simple bolt-together design with the highest precision and are pre-test assembled at the factory to ensure a quality fit.

No Sacrifice

At this point when talking to people interested in a house-building kit, we get the 2 questions we’ve been waiting for. Here are our answers to these questions:

  1. Yes, you actually can do it yourself. But let’s be realistic. There are certain house-building steps nobody’s allowed to do themselves. For example, a skilled tradesman holding a license likely must do your electrical connections. But none of this is a guessing game. You’ll know what to expect long before the materials start to arrive on site. It may be DIY, but you’ve got a partner in us to help you through the process.
  2. No, it’s not like the Model T of the house-building kit world. You truly are going to build your unique dream house. You won’t give up any customization choices, and you shouldn’t have any fear that you’ll end up with something that looks like it was stamped out of an assembly line. The options to personalize your house-building kit are nearly endless. We weren’t exaggerating when we put that statement on our website.

Miracle Truss residential building kits are thoughtfully created to be put up fast, so you’ll have more time to enjoy the reward of your DIY labor. Our collection of available building sizes range from tiny house kits and cabins, to room additions and large family homes with contemporary design elements.

What kind of home would you like to build with your own hands? Just Ask us, and we’ll send you more information on how to get started for free.

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