Garages are being pressed into service beyond being the place where you park your vehicles. We’re using them for exercise, hobbies, and sometimes it’s just where we like to go to escape the activity going on in the house.
But, it’s not a place anybody wants to be if its uninsulated. You’ll roast in the summer and shiver in the winter. Whether it’s for humans or pets, a garage typically has to be insulated to be used. It’s something to keep in mind as you look at garage kits. Insulation is not going to be included and the type and application of installing the insulation can vary from one kit to another.

How Much Is It Going to Cost?

A climatized garage doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition—but you do have to plan accordingly. Some steel building kits put their focus on just the exterior shell. You end up with little or nothing to help you with finishing off the interior, including the infrastructure or support for insulation.

Customers who have purchased Miracle Truss® buildings appreciate the thought that goes into what happens on the inside of the buildings. Edge-mounted wood studs in the walls and in the roof run horizontally from each truss. These edge mounted studs create traditional 2 foot on center stud-pockets that are perfect for many kinds of modular insulation – and you can do this as your time and budget allows, unlike some others.


Also unlike a garage that might have been built into your home, a steel DIY building kit used as a garage will need its own heating and cooling system. We’ll focus on heaters here.

The good news is that you can equip your new garage with a heater without breaking the bank. You could expect to pay anywhere between $500 to $3,500, depending on the type of heater and the size of your garage. It’s recommended that you seek out a heater that’s CSA approved for residential use and meets local codes.

Portable propane or kerosene heaters may not be a wise choice in a garage because of portable gasoline cans and other flammable liquids that are often stored in garages. These pose potential fire hazards. It’s often better to install a permanent heater that can be mounted on a wall or suspended from your ceiling.  We do have lots of traditionalist that love their wood stoves however – its all a matter of personal preference!

There’s a wide variety of infrared heaters that are made for garages. These are quiet and energy efficient. They don’t blow air, so they don’t require an outside flue. This type of heater, combined with good insulation, will create a comfortable environment in your new garage.

Request a free quote from us. We’ll help you design and build a detached garage that’s perfect for both vehicles and a variety of multipurpose activities.

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