For decades Pilots, Aircraft Mechanics, and Aviation Enthusiasts have turned to Miracle Truss Buildings to house their aircraft in the best Hangar buildings on the market.  You very well may already know the name, but did you know their history?  Previously a different corporation named Miracle Truss sold high-quality steel web truss buildings but eventually ceased operations around the time of the economic downturn.  With a love for the name and a passion for the building style, a former team member from the original company later registered the rights to the name while also adding new, innovative design elements to the clear-span steel truss building system and thus the “new” Miracle Truss Buildings was born.  Their unique web steel trusses are manufactured by quality oriented craftsmen in the United States and its manufacturing facility has been building quality steel truss buildings for over 35 years.  “We are a customer-centric operation”, says founder, Corey Secrest, “offering the highest level of personal service available in the industry. We work daily to make sure your building project is successful and we are proud to be able to provide an impeccable 50-year Frame Warranty on our pre-engineered steel trusses”.

One of the advantages of the Miracle Truss building product is that they truly embrace the “DIY” market, allowing its customers to save even more when they build it themselves.  Miracle Truss Building material packages are designed to maximize simplicity and they say you do not need to be a carpenter or welder to assemble their bolt-together kits (although if you want to hire a local contractor or “handyman” to erect it you certainly can).  Every material package comes with a detailed assembly guide and technical support during the building process.

With an entrepreneurial mindset and as a Veteran owned business, the company is focused on their desire to supply the best structural product and customer experience in the building market.  To back this up, John, located in one of the New England states had this to say about their organization:

“I have known and worked with individual members of this organization for over 8 years and they have always been true to their word while providing an outstanding building product!  Their buildings are stronger and easier to finish off and insulate than anything that I could find in all of my building research.  I would recommend Miracle Truss Buildings to anyone.”  – John, RI

One of the differences that you receive with the Miracle Truss design is that it uses a clear-span truss giving you an open (cathedral style) ceiling.  The steel trusses come in 4 bolt-together pieces that are test assembled at the factory ensuring a perfect fit upon delivery to your jobsite.  The kits are unique because they utilize steel trusses for strength and wood in the walls and ceiling for flexibility, allowing you to finish-off the inside, add doors or windows, and insulate with normal batt-style insulation. They don’t just supply hangars either, they offer a variety of buildings to fit your needs and lifestyle including; workshops, storage, homes and modern retreats just to name a few.  It’s great to have the name synonymous with value and quality back in the market place.

To contact Miracle Truss Buildings:  800-208-1969,

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