Getting away from it all is what a cabin in the woods is all about, but first you have to build that cabin. The further away from it all you want to be, the more difficult it becomes to make that happen.

Your choice ends up being affordable and primitive, or a comfortable getaway that costs an arm and a leg. Spoiler alert: we wouldn’t have published this without a third alternative. Build your cabin where you want it, and design it with every amenity you want. The solution is one of our Miracle Truss® metal and steel DIY cabin kits.

Oh, The Possibilities

Traditional construction can be a logistical nightmare for isolated building locations. The cost of transporting and delivering the construction material can add tremendous costs.

When you order a Miracle Truss® DIY cabin kit, everything you need is delivered to your site. All you have to do is put it up. The benefit is clear. You can move past the idea of bare basics and create a true home away from home. In many cases, customers actually make these kits their main home.

Your Partner In The Wilderness

The last thing you need from your cabin in the woods is the added responsibility of maintenance. Steel home building kits remove that headache. No residence is maintenance-free, but a steel home building kit drastically cuts down on the costs of painting and other exterior repairs that you’d have to undertake if you had a cabin made of traditional construction material – steel columns are your friend.

The location of where you want to build your hideaway probably lives up to its name. It’s tucked away, so municipal assistance may be difficult or even nonexistent. A steel and metal cabin is extremely durable and stands up much better to catastrophic weather. Safety is a part of the overall durability.

Room To Relax

The budget for your cabin in the woods determines its size. Miracle Truss pre-manufactured DIY cabin kits are much less expensive than structures of the same size built with traditional construction in most cases.

The clear-span truss design gives you cathedral ceilings, so your cabin is a collection of brightly lit spaces. The modular design works in your favor all throughout the interior. Any traditional amenity – cabinets, counters, and even trim – can be installed without any retrofitting due to our unique wood and steel combo.

As for the outside, prepare to be delighted with the choices you have to make your cabin in the woods look like anything but a typical cabin. Check out these photos of DIY cabin kits built by customers.

If you’ve got the space, we can help you build the place. Just fill out this form and we’ll get free building kit brochures right out to you.

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