There’s a reason it’s called the “Treasure State.” Montana is a breathtaking collection of natural priceless gems, ranging from Yellowstone National Park to Little Bighorn – the site of Custer’s last stand.

There’s nothing predictable about Montana. You’ve got mountains making up the western third of the state, with the remainder being the gently rolling northern Great Plains. The people of Montana are not known to make quiet statements about anything. It’s why Miracle Truss® buildings are a welcome addition to the landscape. They’re tough and rugged enough to handle the elements, but possessed with enough architectural style to stand proudly against the backdrop of Montana’s majestic Rocky Mountains.

Big Sky Buildings

Only about 1 million people call Montana home. And while the state may boast nearly 150,000 square miles of land between its borders, some of that goes right up to the sky – courtesy of the Rocky Mountains.

The windswept Great Plains is perfect for cattle, so it’s no surprise that some of the country’s biggest cattle ranches are here. Wheat is the state’s leading crop. No surprise there, either. But Montana prefers not to be predictable.

Livestock and agriculture are Montana’s biggest sources of income. But, would you also guess sugar beets and black cherries? This is a state that likes to keep you guessing.

It is agriculture that runs the revenue wheels in Montana, and that’s why Miracle Truss is a well-known name there. No one beats our selection of agricultural buildings.

Beauty And The Beast

Majestic mountains and rolling plains look gorgeous on postcards. Anybody who’s spent a year or more in Montana will tell you that Mother Nature can be nasty there. She’s got a violent streak.

You’ve got to have buildings that can go from besting a blizzard to beating a heat wave. Cue the trumpets for Miracle Truss, and sing the praises of the marriage of steel and wood. That’s a marriage made in architectural heaven.

Steel for strength. Wood for flexibility.

  • 4 easy-to-assemble (bolt together) steel truss sections create strength where it’s needed.
  • Edge-mounted purlins and side girts give you the flexibility to take our basic structures and transform them into anything from crop and grain storage to a farm equipment shed.
  • 2-foot-on-center standard length lumber makes for easy assembly and cuts way down on costs.
  • A clear span design makes space usable all the way to the peak, without sacrificing rigidity.
  • Cattle ranching and grain farming require expensive equipment that needs adequate protection. Miracle Truss buildings are designed with a base molding to butt up against side sheeting to keep the weather out.

Real Treasures

Montana is a state full of surprises. England’s Crown Jewels contain only one North American gem, and it’s a Montana Yogo sapphire. Buffalo and elk populations might not raise an eyebrow – but did you know Montana has the largest breeding population of trumpeter swans in the lower United States?

What’s always predictable is Montana’s natural beauty. It has stood the test of time, and it gives us something to live up to. We’re proud to offer one of the longest warranties in the industry. Your Miracle Truss® building even comes with a 50-year structural warranty.

Build it how you want it. We’ll help you make sure it’s appropriate to grace the Treasure State.

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