Architects, Designers, and Engineers all love the Miracle Truss Buildings versatile building system.  Offering a clear-span ceiling design our hybrid steel web truss building can adapt to almost any use.  Homes and Cabins, Garages, Workshops (Man Caves!), and Aircraft Hangars are just a few of the projects that the buildings work great for.  Many people report that they appreciate how Miracle Truss is able to accommodate their special design features and other needs that you just can’t get with a typical wood or all-steel type of building structure.  Looking for an Eco-Friendly or GREEN building platform?  Or how about the ability to do-it-yourself (DIY)?  Look no further.  Straw bail construction and Solar panels on the roof are easy for the Miracle Truss design and with the bolt-together pre-engineered truss system almost anyone can erect their own structure.  Miracle Truss Buildings can customize to fit most needs and applications such as large door openings, heavy snow loads, and high wind loads.  Plus, no matter where you are building in the U.S. and Canada the buildings can be supplied with an engineer’s stamped drawings for that particular state upon request – taking the pressure off of knowing whether the building will hold up to mother natures periodic beatings or meet the local structural codes.  Do you have a project or product that would be a fit for the Miracle Truss Buildings system for you or one of your clients?

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