You dip your toes in the water. That’s now most successful craftspeople get started. They were born with the talent. They learn and observe technique. There’s only one way to find out if they can make a living practicing their craft.

Start making things.

It’s often a bumpy ride. If you’re lucky, you can take over a spare bedroom or claim a space in the garage. It’s not a perfect space, but you make it work. It’s all about exploring possibilities. It’s also a lot about the kind of craft you practice. If you’re an artist, you can get away with working within the confines of a small space. That’s not so easy to do if you’re a woodworker. Try getting a table saw in the extra bedroom!

Room To Grow

In a perfect world, enough people recognize your talent and appreciate your technique to make it worthwhile considering a dedicated space for your craft. Some artists hit the jackpot. They’re able to convert that extra spare bedroom from temporary…to a dedicated studio. All it takes is a bit of easy renovation.

Few of us live in a perfect world, though. Most likely we’ll have to find a space nearby to rent. Maybe it’ll be set up and ready to serve as a studio or workshop. But, probably not. If that’s the case, you’ll have to make sure you can do what you want to the space to make it work for you.

Transforming a rented space into a working studio or a woodworking shop can be an expensive proposition—and something you don’t want to do for a space you don’t own. Is there a better solution?

Build Your Own Studio Or Workshop

Take a deep breath. You’re probably still feeling the last gasps of the “starving artist” phase. The idea of actually building a studio or workshop sounds like an expensive dream. It’s not.

Miracle Truss® offers a line of DIY prefab garage kits that are perfectly suited for this. You can transform them into your dream woodworking shop or artist’s studio—and you will have to pinch yourself to prove you’re not dreaming when you see the affordable cost and high quality.

Remember, you’re investing in the thing that’s going to help you move from hobby to profession. Artists need the right supplies, woodworkers need the correct tools—and all craftspeople who make a living at what they produce should do it in the right environment.

That’s why we’re so pleased to be able to help craftspeople who have reached that tipping point move to the next stage with our DIY steel truss buildings. The modular design makes our prefab kits easy to customize. The steel for strength / wood for flexibility combination makes it easy to add the things you’ll need to make your space fully functional.

That’s the beauty of a Miracle Truss® DIY building for your workshop or studio. Build it how you want it! The designs of our buildings are flexible enough to inspire your creativity. Fill out this form, and let’s get your new creative space underway.

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