Who doesn’t love airplanes or at least love to fly?!  Maybe it is just a mode of transportation for you.  Whatever your situation is, if you own an aircraft, a safe and dry place to keep it out of the sun and weather is imperative to your safety and in keeping monthly maintenance costs down.  Pilots love Miracle Truss Buildings Hangar kits due to our clear span ceiling design and the space that it offers, but most of all the ease of putting it up and the strength to keep their planes and helicopters safe in any environment.  Why take the chance with putting wood poles in the ground or spacing metal columns twice as far apart as the Miracle Truss design?  Poles can rot over time while steel goes up straight and strong!  Our hybrid clear span building kits allow you to have wood in the walls (not in the ground) to offer flexibility and ease in putting your finishing touches in it.  Insulating, sheetrocking, installing windows and doors, and other finishing needs is a breeze with the edge mounted girts.  Steel for strength.  Wood for Flexibility.

If you or someone you know are making plans to erect a new Hangar, we can help. For the best building/hangar kit on the market – Miracle Truss Buildings!

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