It might be just a hobby. It could be a way to make money. The place an artist makes their craft is usually called a studio. It can be nothing more than a converted space in a home, or a massive building. The choice is usually decided on budget.

Before the budget happens, though, artists often go through a period of questioning the necessity of a separate studio for their craft. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself to determine if your own space is a good choice.

All About Balance

We hear a lot about work/life balance when talking about our jobs, but the concept also applies to being an artist. Some artists struggle with being able to separate their time and attention between the two. If your studio is a part of where you live, and you find yourself constantly distracted by the things happening in your home, it might be time to consider a separate space.

This is also an important consideration if you find it difficult to switch between your creative side and your “home” side. Some of us find that we need to actually go to a specific place for those creative juices to flow. Sometimes – especially for writers – that’s as easy as packing up the laptop and heading off to a coffee shop. Other types of creative people, such as painters or sculptors, probably wouldn’t be welcome with their sizable collection of art supplies. It might be time to consider a separate space for a studio.

Your Own Space

TV and the movies have a reputation for oversizing proportions, but the practical truth is that an art studio does need to be big enough to accommodate your output. The converted lofts with the big windows and skylights aren’t just set decorations. They’re optimal for what an artist needs.

That’s why it might be impractical to convert an extra bedroom into an art studio. There also may not be an art studio that’s got the right space within a reasonable distance from your home. It’s also likely that some of the materials you work with as an artist aren’t appropriate or are not safe to be used in a residence. And, don’t forget the storage space you’ll need for your art supplies.

One solution – especially if you have the space on your own property – is to consider a pre-fabricated metal building. We offer them as DIY building kits, so Miracle Truss® buildings are affordable and easy to put up yourself.

The clear span truss design offers superior usable interior space, and the edge mounted purlins and girts make it easy to finish the inside with standard building material. It also means you can install affordable windows wherever it makes sense to capture the light.

Tell us about your needs for an art studio, and we’ll send you free information.

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