Time to get those creative juices flowing with your own art studio! You’ve got some decisions to make about the structure itself, and a metal building kit can make those decisions easy.

“I want the smallest space I can get,” said no artist, ever. Art supplies and easels take up room. If you’re a photographer, you’ll need space for your lighting and props. It’s why calculating the space you need right now – as well as what you might grow into – is going to be your top consideration.

More is Always Better

DIY pre-fabricated building kits offer you the best of all worlds. Traditional construction often creates limitations. What can you afford? That’s what gets built. When it’s time to expand, you’ll have to include the cost of removing some of what you paid to put up, in order to do so.

Because metal buildings are pre-engineered and modular in nature, it’s easy to expand the footprint of your art studio. If you work with Miracle Truss® you’ll simply contact us. We’ll supply you with the materials you need for the expansion.

Going Up

Artists appreciate the design of our buildings because they don’t require you to struggle with low ceilings. Our clear span truss configuration means there’s no flat ceilings or low hanging rafters to get in your way. The open ceiling offers a more inspiring space to create and work in.

Your art studio won’t feel cramped. You’ll also have the ability to maneuver large materials inside, which can be important if you’re a photographer, painter or sculptor. The most important benefit of the height and lack of low ceilings is how it’ll help you with light. A low ceiling will impact the amount of light coming into your studio. Our designs are already made to accommodate skylights and light panels, and our edge mounted purlins and girts are engineered at 24 inches on center. That means you’ll be able to finish the interior with any type of standard window or door that you’d use with traditional construction. You can even use standard insulation and drywall.

Solid Foundation

If you’re working with paint or other types of material, you might not want a floor made with standard material. Our designs work best on a concrete foundation. The joists bolt directly to it, making it fast and easy to put up – and extremely durable over time. Many Miracle Truss® building owners choose to finish and seal the concrete and use it as the floor. It can make for easy clean-up.

Good art needs the right environment to foster it. Use this form to request a free quote, and tell us how you plan to use your art studio. We’ll send you free design information. Check here for our current building specials.

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