Being first has is privileges. Delaware was the first state to ratify the constitution on December 7th, 1787. Because of this, Delaware became the first state in the Union. It is accorded the first position in national events, such as the presidential inauguration.

At its widest point, Delaware is only 35 miles across. It’s the second smallest state—only about as large as the city of Anchorage, Alaska. Not everything about Delaware comes in small packages, though.

Lego Legends

Records quickly fall, but Delaware has managed to hold on to this one for quite some time now. The world’s largest Lego tower was erected in the city of Wilmington. The Lego tower stands 11 stories tall and is made up of over half a million of the multicolored plastic bricks. Prior to Delaware’s largest Lego tower record, the city of Prague held on to it with their 106-foot construction.

We’re big fans of any place that chooses to move beyond the traditional idea of construction materials. Delaware did it with Lego blocks, and we’re doing it with steel.

Miracle Truss® DIY buildings are built with the simple and strong clear-span truss method. The steel trusses arrive on your property in four easy-to-assemble pieces. Every piece has been test assembled at the factory to ensure a perfect fit.

You’ll be working with pre-fabricated steel columns that bolt directly to concrete, so there’s no welding required. That’s often what keeps people from considering metal buildings. Steel’s the key to low maintenance and durable strength. You won’t be dealing with wood posts in the ground, which make tasty treats for termites or can rot from moisture.

We Still Love Wood

We just think it makes better sense to use it where it’s not exposed to things that might eat it or turn it into mush. Our steel frames feature wood studs every two feet. This gives you the ability to finish off the inside of any of our building designs with standard building material. Go ahead and pick out any door or window assembly you like. You can even insulate with normal batt-style insulation.

The most important benefit of this feature is that it allows you to make changes to your building as time goes by. Sort of like that Lego tower in Delaware. They can always add more to it if they want to keep the record!

The easiest way to learn more about Miracle Truss® buildings is to request free information from us. We’ll send you everything you need to know in exchange for answering a few helpful questions about where you are and what you plan to use the building for.

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