It’s all about space when it comes to agriculture and farming. And you need as much building space as you can afford to put up. It’s one of the reasons why metal, steel, and wood hybrid buildings like those by Miracle Truss® are the most cost-effective way to increase the building count on your property.

Miracle Truss® clear span web steel truss construction are delivered to your property in 4 easy bolt-together pieces that have already been test assembled. The clear span truss design does away with flat ceilings and low hanging rafters—which are bad news in most farm buildings and the reason why some steel building manufacturers shy away from catering to the agricultural industry.

For you, our design means more usable space for your barns, new livestock buildings, or ranch structures. Open, flexible designs accommodate even the largest of tractors and farm equipment – and yes, you’ll have room to crawl on top of a piece of equipment once inside if needed.

Go ahead and think big. We can even configure Miracle Truss buildings for use as riding areas.

Affordable Customization

A farm building is only as good as its access. Our designs allow you to add doors where they make sense to you—not where it was easy for us to put them. You’re not talking specialty doors or windows, either. The standard wood on the outside of the steel frame construction means you can install anything you can buy that’s right off the shelf.

Miracle Truss® Agricultural Buildings

We’ve designed these buildings as immediate solutions for you today, but with the ability to adapt and grow with you in the future. Expand when you need to in the years to come. And know you’re protected. Miracle Truss buildings come with a 50-year frame warranty on all of our buildings.

Farms are busy places. Who’s got time for building maintenance? You’ll appreciate the truly surprising minimal amount of upkeep on our barns, workshops and other buildings. There’s little upkeep. The buildings are manufactured to be put up in a fraction of the time a traditional structure would take – when time is money, paying a little more upfront will pay off in the long run.

Rest assured, too, that the buildings are engineer-certified and we’ll work with you to have the plans stamped to correspond to your local building codes upon request. That’s all part of our hassle-free customer service.

Agricultural Building Advantages

Your focus, and your investment is in your livestock, crops, and equipment. Build it once. Let the wind blow and the snow fall. You won’t have to worry about what you’re protecting.

Our closer steel truss spacing and closer edge mounted wood secondary wall members not only provide strength, but also the ability to finish off the inside without having to retro-fit a whole interior stud wall.

Wall members are edge mounted every 24” on center. Compare truss spacing and secondary spacing to other buildings and you’ll see our clear advantage. The designs of our agricultural buildings are flexible enough to work for everything you need. Fill out this form if you’re interested in learning more about the customization options and flexibility of Miracle Truss® Buildings for your building project.

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