There’s something about the DIY mindset that tells us there’s no such thing as too much space. Whether we’re tinkering with a hobby in the garage or starting up a business, we crave a wide-open space. It’s especially true if we want space to display what we’re crafting.

That desire for space also means we probably need more than a standard door to move things in and out. As for the inside, we also would prefer not to have to navigate around support columns in the middle of the building. These are the reasons why a growing number of DIY-ers and business owners are partnering with Miracle Truss® for metal and steel buildings. We reward you with big spaces, but not the big prices that come with them.

Pre-Engineered for Economy and Strength

Steel produced today is 30 percent stronger than it was just a decade ago. It’s also more dent-resistant, the cost to produce it has decreased by about 34 percent. The additional strength allows our clear-span truss design to create open spaces that span up to 30 feet in height and stretch 125 feet or more. Roof pitches range from 1:12 to 18:12. No matter the pitch, the trusses are able to meet and exceed heavy snow loads. You’ll tell us where the building will be put up, and we’ll make sure your trusses meet or exceed what’s required for your location. You’ll receive state-specific certified stamped building plans

Closer truss spacing and closer secondary members also mean our buildings are capable of withstanding high wind loads, so a Miracle Truss® building even makes sense for coastal areas. As an added bonus, our purlins and girts are edge-mounted so you have flexibility in finishing besides extra strength.

One last thing about our truss system. It creates cathedral ceilings that require no interior column support. Create a building with total interior open space if you choose. And use that space all the way up to the roof.

Our designs also give you complete freedom for large and oversized door openings. Go with your choice of garage doors, or even stack style hangar doors. We’ll work with you to provide the necessary side headers and transfer beams for large sidewall openings.

The superior strength (our buildings come with a 50-year structural warranty) creates surprising amounts of space – remember the web trusses mean there are no low-hanging rafters. So go ahead and focus on the space you want, instead of the cost usually associated with creating it. It’s built into every Miracle Truss® design. Learn more!

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