We looked at some amazing industry numbers in Part 1 of this piece. We know that a growing number of people are interested in taking to the water, but what’s going to lure them in?

It’s going to be more about the experience than the product with many of the new boat-buyers out there. And it’ll be what technology brings to the table that helps sell the boats. Here are some trends to watch for.

Boats with Tracking Devices

We already can keep an eye on our cars, knowing where they’re headed and even how fast they’re going. It’s all thanks to the Internet, as well as GPS technology. Boat tracking is just as much about safety as it is knowing a craft’s position.

New products and services are coming online that allow for automatic identification and tracking. Boat owners can expect their mobile devices to give them real time information, such as when their craft is underway.

Digital Control and Gauges

You’ve likely heard that brand new aircraft use what’s known as “fly by wire” technology. It means there are few or no mechanical parts. Manufacturers are adding digital throttles and shifts to boats, adding much greater reliability.

Digital touchscreens and displays are replacing analog dials. They’re sturdy and waterproof, and manufactured so they can be easily read even in strong sunlight. Everything you need is being brought together on a single display.

Self-Sailing Boats

You might be asking yourself, “Where’s the fun in that?” Manufacturers aren’t planning to do all the work for you, but they have heard from customers that it would be nice to turn the sailing over to an auto pilot—just like airline pilots do—to be able to participate in enjoying more of the experience.

It’s still more of a high-concept thing at the moment—but there are already prototypes by respected names like MIT, and underwriting from companies like Google. And we already know about their desire to offer self-driving cars to the public.

While most of this new technology coming to powerboats and sailboats is inexpensive, it will drive up the value of your investment in them. All the more reason why you should be looking for ways to keep that investment safe and sound.

It might be time to upgrade where you keep your boat, and what better place than on your own property in a new metal and steel storage building? Take a look at how some of our customers are using Miracle Truss® storage to quickly and efficiently build homes for their boats, RVs and other “adult toys.”

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