It’s the best of both worlds: owning your own business and combining it with your love for dogs. For many people, a dog boarding and daycare business can be a lifelong dream. But, it can be an expensive one – with one of the top costs being the buildings themselves.

One way to cut back on the cost – but without sacrificing any quality – is to go with prefabricated DIY metal building kits. It’s an economical and practical way to build a modern and beautiful facility. Best yet, it’s 100% dog-friendly! Here are the top seven reasons why you should consider Miracle Truss® buildings for your new dog boarding business.

Why Metal?

1. You’ll save labor cost and time. Depending on your choice of designs and what’s necessary to prepare the area, you may save up to 60% over traditional construction. You’ll definitely save labor costs because our designs are DIY-friendly. Your building is delivered “kit-style,” and ready for you to put up quickly. The pre-fabricated steel columns bolt directly to concrete. Unlike other metal buildings, there’s o welding required. Steel legs go up straight, solid, and won’t rot. Period.

2. Metal buildings are manufactured to last. Our web steel trusses are manufactured from the best steel material in the industry. We stand behind our quality with a 50-year frame warranty.

3. The hallmark of Miracle Truss® design are our clear span trusses. They come in four easy-to-bolt-together pieces that were test assembled at the factory. Once these four pieces are put together, the trusses can be tipped into place and bolted to the concrete. Edge-mounted wood studs run horizontally on the walls and roof. They’re secured to pre-positioned steel clips. This crisscross design creates 24-inch on center stud pockets, ready to help you finish the inside as you would any type of traditional construction. Pick any standard door or window. They’ll fit just fine. You can even insulate with normal batt-style material.

4. You’ll want to offer your four-legged boarders maximum safety and protection. Miracle Truss® buildings are an excellent choice in areas that experience severe weather.

5. Business owners have insurance expenses to consider. Your Miracle Truss® building can cost up to 40% less to insure than traditionally constructed buildings because there’s a reduced fire hazard.

6. You’ll want to plan for business growth, and Miracle Truss® buildings perfectly suited for the future. Prefabricated components make adding on to buildings inexpensive and easy to accomplish.

7. You’ll have a wide selection of exterior colors, which will allow you to go with a modern look and design. But you also have a choice of other exterior options. You can even go with brick if you like.

Space won’t be a problem if you choose to go with Miracle Truss® when planning for your dog boarding and daycare business. Use this form to request free information. Be sure to tell us about your business plans. We’ll load you up with plenty of ideas!

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