If you noticed the light looked different the last time you were out on the boat, it’s because the days are getting shorter and it’ll soon be time to bring another season on the water to a close. Big or small, it’s a hefty cost to incur if winterizing your boat means taking it out of the water for seasonal storage.

There’s more than the financial hit. Unless you want to spend even more and just turn it over to someone else to take care of, you also have to plan out logistics. If you don’t plan to tow your boat to a warmer climate, you’ve to shore up your options for storage.

Big, Important Questions

How it gets done is easy. There are plenty of outfits that will take your boat and winterize it for you. The more important consideration is, where?

  • Will you store it at a boatyard, in a public storage lot, or on some type of private property?
  • How secure is this location?
  • Will it be easy to transport your boat to this location?
  • How easy will it be for you to check on your boat through the winter season?
  • Would you be able to perform DIY maintenance on your boat during the time it’s out of the water?

One of the best times to work on your boat is when it’s out of the water, so your storage choice should take this maintenance opportunity into consideration.

Metal and Steel Marine Storage

Have you ever considered the lifetime cost of prepping and storing your boat for the winter? The Discover Boating website does a great job of rounding up the numbers for perspective. Let’s say you’ve got a modest 12-footer. The website estimates your minimal costs for a single winter season to be about $1,500 for winterizing the engine, a shrink wrap, and general inside storage.

Just 10 winter storage seasons will pull $15,000 out of your pocket. Wouldn’t you rather have something to show for it?

Many boat owners are realizing that the money they’ll pay for winter storage is better off being invested in a metal and steel marine storage building on their own property. The Miracle Truss ® design creates optimal storage solutions for boats and recreational vehicle storage. You can have a single building – on your property – to park your RV, boat, jet skis, and all of the peripheral equipment.

One of the top reasons why boaters prefer this route is because they don’t have to worry about removing anything from the boat during winter storage. It can be pulled into your new pre-fabricated metal building and securely stored without having to remove a thing.

And because it’s so easy to insulate Miracle Truss ® buildings with standard bale insulation, you’ll have all winter long to work on your boat in comfort. Learn more about the Miracle Truss® advantage.

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