You see the exterior of your home and surrounding structures before anything else. All the more reason to make sure you like what you see if you’re planning on exterior renovations or putting up a new building.

Here’s what design experts say are trending right now.

Multiple Textures

Mixing and matching continues to catch on with homeowners. Multiple textures are effective ways to break up the visual monotony of a tall exterior wall with few or small windows. The change in texture helps to create a focal point. It can also help to draw your attention to a building façade.

Vertical panels can be combined with lap siding and cedar shakes to create pleasing patterns. Pair it with brick, stucco, or stone accents for even greater appeal. These accents are great ways to add personality to ho-hum exteriors.

Bring on the Brick, Bring on the Stone!

It’s no longer a luxury. Who’s got time to paint or maintain siding? Low-maintenance sidings made of brick and stone may cost slightly more than vinyl or wood siding, but there’s a pleasing return on investment. It may be the last time you have to think about the exterior of your home and additional structures!

Engineered wood siding has made some pleasing strides in terms of looking even more like the real thing while vanquishing all of the downsides of using real wood. It’s resistant to moisture, impact damage, and even mold.

Meanwhile, windows with fiberglass frames add stability and low maintenance, while decorative trim made of super-tough vinyl adds a finishing touch.

Blend But Not Bland

Manufacturers are working overtime to keep up with the consumer demand for new products that can add more personality to home exteriors. And it doesn’t stop with just the house or the garage. Homeowners want fences, exterior buildings and even outdoor living areas with design elements that synchronize. Consumers also want exterior options that help them harmonize with the surrounding environment.

A growing number of customers are finding their desire for exterior harmony met by the design options offered by Miracle Truss®. Our pre-engineered buildings can be ordered as truss-only packages, offering you the option to use brick, stone, vinyl, and a host of other sidewall options.

The designs feature side headers and transfer beams for large sidewall openings, and there are steel mezzanine supports to create second floor options. Add skylights to let in the sunshine, and top it all off with a cupola and a weathervane.

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