Manufacturing makes a significant contribution to our economy, and pre-engineered steel buildings make up a big part of factories and manufacturing plants. According to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) metal buildings continue to increase market share.

It’s estimated that nearly 95% of all low-rise industrial construction in the United States uses steel framing. Many metal and steel buildings are pre-engineered and pre-manufactured, meaning that factories are producing factories. Here’s why this mode of construction for the manufacturing sector is so popular.

Steel is Strong

Still ranks near the top as having one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any framing material used in commercial or private construction. While concrete is also popular, industrial metal buildings with steel frames are significantly lighter in weight.

Steel also has high compressive and tensile strength. Add this to lower weight than concrete, and you are rewarded with fewer framing elements in a building. Your manufacturing plant will likely have a concrete floor, and the lighter weight of steel framing means you may be able to cut back on foundation costs for the slab.

Faster Construction

Less weight and fewer framing elements equate to less time spent construction a building. And, those framing components are factory-engineered and produced, which means that they are precise. If you’ve ever seen wood framing, you’ll know that natural material is no match for the near perfection of factory-produced products.

Miracle Truss® pre-fits all of the truss pieces before they’re shipped to you. Your building arrives with the truss pieces ready to assemble and erect. The standardized process of assembly makes it easy to take a DIY approach to putting up a Miracle Truss® building. Some clients liken it to putting together factory-made knockdown furniture. Bolt-together assembly can cut down on construction costs by as much as a third.

Made to Maximize Space

Steel’s light weight and strength make it a much better choice for factories and manufacturing plants because of the unrestricted interior space created by clear span construction. Who wants a column getting in the way of an assembly line?

Miracle Truss® designs allow for unrestricted widths of 125 feet or more, and building heights of 30 feet. It creates the usable space a manufacturer needs to move and grow. Our clear span trusses do away with flat ceilings, so you’re even able to install the infrastructure for overhead cranes.

You’ve got a building made of steel and metal. It’s not indestructible, but it’s certainly durable and should offer less in maintenance needs. It’s perfect for a factory. And suitable. Many of its elements are factory-made. View our gallery of industrial and commercial buildings that have been put up by Miracle Truss® clients.

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