When’s the last time you paid attention to your garage floor? It’s okay if you say never. After all, it’s a slab of concrete. You park your car on it. Well, maybe. If there’s still room in your garage for a car.
That’s the thing about your garage floor. A major manufacturer of garage organization and storage systems did a recent survey and discovered that 25% of us say our garage is too cluttered to fit their car.

The Multitasker

What’s more, the study uncovered that if we haven’t turned it into a giant storage area, we’re using it for anything but protecting our vehicles.

  • 27% said they use it for hobbies
  • 19% say they’ve converted it into a workshop
  • 13% have turned it into an exercise area or a “man cave”

If you’re going to spend time out in your garage, it might be an occasion to upgrade the floor.

Keeping the Car in Mind

Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? Can you upgrade the floor but still keep it car-friendly? Absolutely. There are high-tech coatings that’ll do this for you. We’re not talking about floor paint. These are polymers that lock themselves into place. These coatings make your garage look better, and they resist oil plus many of the solvent and chemical spills that happen in the typical garage—that might be used instead as a woodworking shop or hobby room. Your untreated porous cement slab floor can’t do this.

One of the biggest benefits of garage floor coatings is the cleanliness factor. Bare cement garage floors tend to trap dirt. Now, though, your garage may have become more of an extension of your home. You don’t want to track that dirt around. A coated garage floor helps you out with that.

High-tech coatings also provide plenty of color options. Many of the most popular polymer coatings for garage floors are a 2- or 3-stop process that includes a base coat, a measure of color flakes, and a top coat. Once it’s cured, you’ll have a nonporous surface much closer to tile than what you’ve come to know as “garage floor.”

Your need for this space—especially once you’ve upgraded the floor—could mean your vehicles have permanently lost possession of the place with their name on it. If that’s the case, we suggest you consider one of our pre-fabricated DIY garages.

They’re so flexible that you might decide to give your original garage back to the cars. Either way, consider the floor upgrade to your cement slab if you’re going to spend time in it. Our pre-fabricated steel columns bolt directly to the concrete slab. No welding required.

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