Your local building codes prevent you from just going out and constructing something on your property. The overriding reason for this is safety. A lot of things can be set up to be DIY, but making sure a building meets local safety standards is not one of them.

Why then, are Miracle Truss® buildings called DIY building kits?

Explaining DIY

When we say that our building kits are DIY, we’re talking about putting them up yourself. We truly make the pre-engineered and pre-assembled pieces easy enough to do that. The difficult part for you is making sure that the building will work both for your needs, and pass the local building safety codes and requirements for your area. You don’t want to do that part yourself.

Our design team works to make sure the DIY building kit delivered to your property is engineered to meet or exceed the safety requirements of your local building codes that you give us to design to. Our team has worked on thousands of building projects throughout the years.

There are basically four steps involved in our DIY process:

  1. We’ll work with you to determine the optimal design/layout for your Miracle Truss® building. Our team will make sure you think it all the way through. There are quite a few options. After order placement – we will get started on drawing up a set of building plans that have a state stamp for your area – should you request them (otherwise, basic building plans are always provided for each project that we supply). These will help you be ready to submit to receive the appropriate permits you’ll need.
  2. Now it’s time for you to prep your site. Often this is the time you’ll pour the concrete slab. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it’s the easiest way to go. Most Miracle Truss® Buildings can be erected and supported by simple concrete piers that the steel truss legs bolt to. That way, you can always pour a concrete slab in the future. We’ll even supply column placement plans.
  3. Meanwhile, we’ll be in constant contact with you to help line up the logistics for delivery of your new Miracle Truss® building materials.
  4. Your building will be delivered to your site configured so that it’s easy and straightforward to put up yourself. The steel trusses will arrive in four easy to bolt together pieces. They’ve already been test assembled at the factory, so there’s no guesswork involved. The trusses are meant to be assembled and tilted up into place. It really is about as DIY as you can get when it comes to putting up a building.

You’re bound to have questions when it comes to any kind of DIY project. We’ve done our best to anticipate the big ones. Take a look at our FAQ page. Still got questions? The best way to get them answered is to fill out a request for free information.

You’re going to see a few red asterisks on the form. You might wonder why we’re asking for some of this information. It’s only so we can determine the right options to recommend based on where you are and what you plan to use the building for. It’s our way of making sure your new building really can be a DIY project.

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