Many of our customers put their DIY metal building atop a concrete slab. But think again if you’re under the impression that this limits your ability to put as much thought into the design aesthetics of your concrete floor as you get to put into the interior elements of the building.

Concrete floors can be colored or stained to complement virtually any hue. You can also choose to go with finishes that resemble marble, slate, or even tile. Few other flooring materials give you as many design options.

More Design Options

Even the big box home improvement chains have a wide array of traditional decorative finishes for concrete floors. Most are aimed DIY application, which puts them right in line with our prefabricated building kits.

Some of the newest and most dramatic finishes for concrete floors use advanced materials and finishing techniques that might best be left to a professional. Two of the most popular new finishes right now are metallic epoxy coatings and concrete polishing.

You’re probably familiar with the epoxy coatings. They’ve been around for a while, but these new coatings contain metallic powders with special reflective pigments that can give concrete floors a burnished patina that can resemble anything from nickel, copper or silver to an aged bronze.

Concrete polishing requires special equipment, but the results are amazing. The smooth, high-luster finish can resemble authentic polished stone.

Existing or New Concrete

Nearly all of the finishes available for concrete can be applied to existing concrete floors or brand new slabs – like the one you could choose to put down for your new DIY steel building kit. These types of floor treatments are popular with people who use our Miracle Truss® designs to add garages or workshops on their property.

The decorative coatings help to protect the floor from tire marks, oil stains, and grease. These treatments are also moisture resistant, so they won’t harbor mold or mildew. Nearly every option offers you low maintenance that repels stains and can handle hard impacts. All your floor will need is an occasional sweep or mopping.

If you live in a cold area of the country and plan to spend a lot of time in your metal and steel building, consider having the slab prepared to offer you a heated floor. Tubes carrying hot water are embedded in the concrete when it’s poured.

Check out the design options you can pair up with the concrete floor finish you select.

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