The best part about working from home is the commute. You can be at your desk and starting on your first project of the day in minutes—versus up to an hour in traffic. Careful what you wish for, though. Setting up a home office the wrong way can really put a dent in your productivity.

When your office is actually in your home, you may find it difficult to keep the healthy balance between work and not-work. It’s more commonly known as the inability to distinguish between home life and work life. Maybe, just maybe…going somewhere outside your home is a better idea.

Right Next Door?

People who own property large enough for expansion often discover that the best solution for a home office isn’t in their home—but next to it. They opt for a separate building. This helps you separate your work life from your home life, for sure, but it also may have additional benefits.

You may love your spouse dearly, but that bond can be tested when there’s absolutely no privacy. The door to the den isn’t really that much of a barrier for interruptions. On the other hand, having to leave the house and walk even a few steps to a separate building just might be enough to guarantee you the ability to work without interruption.

Breaking Free of Design

One of the biggest problems of a home office is usually the lack of space. You’ll try to fit it into a spare bedroom or convert your den. Sooner or later, though, the rest of the house will try to creep in. Or, you’ll discover that what you initially thought was adequate space just isn’t cutting the mustard. Be wary of anyone who tells you it’s possible to turn your closet into an office. Yes, it’s physically possible—but it’s hardly practical.

Instead of trying to fit your office into an existing space in your home, why not create a completely new and separate space right next door? It’s far from the expensive proposition it might sound like when you approach it with the help of Miracle Truss®.

Our DIY pre-fabricated metal buildings are durable and flexible. The design allows them to accommodate any type of traditional building material for the interior, which means you can create an office area that rivals anything requiring a commute downtown. You can even add steel mezzanine supports for a second-floor option and plan ahead for future expansion. The designs of our buildings are so flexible that you can even add skylights and wall panel lights.

Take the idea of a home office to the next level and turn it into a separate space with a Miracle Truss® building. Okay, we’ll admit it. This is going to increase the length of your commute time…by a minute or two.

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