3,825. That’s the number of craft breweries that went into operation from 2006 to 2016. Today, there are over 5,230 of them in the United States. Together, they generate more than $23 billion. These breweries are small, but combined, they employ over 129,000 people.

Brewing craft beer is not for everybody, but obviously it’s a growing industry that has room for you. Your only obstacle might be where to put your brewery.

Buildings Designed For Breweries

Save time and a whole lot of money by using a pre-engineered building. It’ll help you keep your startup expenses low, and you can put it up in a matter of days. What could be better than that? How about a modular design that can easily expand as your brewery business does?

I Need My Space

Not to be confused with a brew pub, your small or microbrewery may not see a lot of outside visitors (unless they’re touring your facility). That makes the space efficiency of a steel building perfect—especially because a clear span truss design like the one we employ will dispense with flat ceilings and low hanging rafters. Even your tallest brewery equipment will fit without a problem.

Brewing the perfect beer is a blend of art and science. An authentic brewmaster (or master brewer) actually holds a diploma in brewing science. Many also hold degrees in biology. You may have to bring in one of these experts—but they’ll still require the space to practice their craft.

New Is So Much Better

Don’t be swayed by the stereotype of a converted abandoned building. You’ll need space that’ll facilitate operational efficiencies. You’ll want a building that’ll give you the freedom to put windows (and even skylights) where you want them. You’ll be accepting deliveries of raw material and shipping out kegs of your product—so you’ll need the ability to decide exactly where you want oversized rolling doors that give easy access to your storage areas.

It just doesn’t make much sense to take on the headache of an existing building that will dictate to you how it can be used. Steel buildings are highly flexible in terms of design. Even though you might need nothing more than a clean, light, but strong structure, our Miracle Truss® buildings provide you with so many options, you’ll find it hard to believe you’re putting up a DIY building kit.

Small Is The New Big

The microbrewery industry is only going to continue to grow. Beer drinkers are looking for craft taste. You work on your recipe. We’ll help you take care of the building.

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