Curious place, New Mexico. It has more Ph.Ds. per capita than any other state. Even so, there are roughly only about 12 residents per square mile. There’s actually far more livestock in New Mexico than there are people. How do they get around? Very carefully. Nearly 75% of New Mexico’s roads are unpaved. It’s because they’re seldom used, and there’s so little rain, the dirt roads can remain untended for years at a time.

That’s New Mexico for you. It’s such a beautiful place its nickname is the “Land of Enchantment.” It’s an arid beauty, though. The state occupies almost 122,000 square miles, but only 250 of them are covered with water.

And be prepared for some wild swings in temperatures. The lowest on record was -50 degrees, while areas during the summer often experience heat in excess of 120 degrees.

Building For Weather Extremes

Homes and other structures built from adobe clay are synonymous with New Mexico. There’s more to this construction than just southwestern style and charm. It’s an ancient technique adopted from the Indians of the area, and its simplicity belies some complex benefits.

Adobe is extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. The bricks are fireproof and have enough thermal mass to provide excellent insulation. Smokey Bear would give his seal of approval. He was invented there in New Mexico in 1950. The thickness of the adobe walls offers security and creates a natural sound barrier.

The adobe bricks themselves are uniformly built. They may be tough, but the bricks can easily be modified to make just about any size room dimension.

Sounds Familiar!

Adobe bricks are made of clay and straw, while our Miracle Truss® DIY storage buildings are constructed of metal, steel, and wood. The material couldn’t be farther apart in difference—but the benefits are nearly the same.

The clay and hay combination creates strength and flexibility. Our steel and metal paired with wood does the same.

The prefabricated truss design bolts together in 4 easy pieces, so the whole building goes up like a giant erector set. It’s perfect for property owners with a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mentality. The truss construction creates clear span ceilings, and standard modular dimensions make it easy and cost effective to use regular batted insulation. The buildings come with a 50-year structural warranty, too.

There might be one advantage our Miracle Truss® buildings have over New Mexico’s adobe. The beautiful brick tends to come in only one color. Our buildings give you color options for roofing, siding, and even trim. Choose from around 19 pleasing colors including white. Go solid, or mix and match.

Some people live in them. Others use them commercially. Just fill out this form and tell us what you’d like to put up on your New Mexico property. The free building kit brochures will be in the mail the next day.

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