While it’s true that some traditional construction requires certain pre-construction services, such as architectural rendering, you’ll find that Miracle Truss® really means it when we put the “DIY” part in the descriptions of our products and services. Here’s an overview of how it usually works for traditional construction, and how it works when you decided to do it the Miracle Truss® way. Even if you’re new to the idea of DIY metal building kits, you have to wonder if there’s a bit more than just selecting a building and having it delivered to your property. Watch an episode of just about any cable TV show on the home or DIY networks, and you hear about the need for plans and permits. Who does that?

Either Way You Decide To Go

It’s imperative that you pay a visit to your local building department. Don’t give this task the “yeah, I quickly scanned their website” treatment. Take the time to actually connect with them—whether it’s on the phone or a personal visit.

Here’s why this is so important. Building codes change – not that often – but when they do, the changes can be big ones. Consider these changes to be just like laws. Ignorance of them is no excuse. You won’t be able to say that you went to the website and didn’t see anything about the code you violated.

It’s easy to lump the local building code department in with bureaucracy. Interacting with them might sound about as much fun as going to see the dentist. Our customers have found, for the most part, that their local building code departments are staffed by people who genuinely want to help you abide by the codes they enforce—because those codes ensure your safety. Don’t think of this step as a potential obstacle.

Whether you’re putting up a building using traditional construction or a DIY metal building kit like ours, you have to know what you need to satisfy the requirements to receive a building permit. It’s an easy first step, and it usually just takes a quick conversation.

Traditional Construction

This method often means you’ve decided to put up a building that’s never been constructed before. In other words, little or none of it is pre-manufactured. In this case, your local building department will most likely want to see an architectural rendering of the building.

They’ll want to check details. They’re looking for how it will be constructed to make sure that it meets requirements for safety issues like load-bearing walls, windows and doors that offer ways to exit quickly if there’s a fire, and both electrical and plumbing requirements to ensure your health and safety.

For more robust projects, a local architect should know these code requirements, and they’ll create your drawings following them. Architects typically charge an hourly fee for their services. One of the benefits of engaging an architect to make these building plans for you is that they will be the point of contact with your local building code department. In most cases, you won’t have much to do with the process other than communicating what you want to build so the architect can create the documentation needed for the building department.

Remember, too, that those plans are what you’ll follow for construction. But that’s a continuation of the process—and we’re going to jump off of it here.

DIY Construction Kits

Generally speaking, most metal building kits do not require you to engage an architect – not in the least. You’ll get the full details as they pertain to your specific area when you contact your local building code office – but often you’ll discover that to get a building permit, the office will only require what’s known as the MEP (Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing) drawings.

In the case of a Miracle Truss® building, we’ll work with you to make sure you receive building drawings with the appropriate engineering stamps that have been approved for your location upon request. It makes the process as simple as delivering the drawings to your local building code offices for their review and approval.

Once that’s done, you’re ready to start putting up your Miracle Truss® building. It couldn’t be simpler. Keep in mind, though, that you still may need to provide documentation about the concrete foundation your Miracle Truss® building will sit on, if you choose to have one.

We can offer advice and assistance with this too. There are really only 4 simple steps to buying a Miracle Truss building. Just fill out this form and we’ll get free building kit brochures right out to you.

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