You wouldn’t think of putting your pool table outside in the backyard, but did you know that billiards began as a lawn game? According to the website, billiards is a 15th century Northern European invention that started out something like croquet.

The evolution of the beautiful woodwork and delicate felt cloth covering of the table helped to migrate billiards indoors, and that’s where we have our pool tables today. Or, maybe we should say that’s where we would like to have them today. Pool tables are loads of fun, but they take up a lot of room.

More than the Billiard Table Itself

There’s more to space planning than just knowing the dimensions of a pool table. A regulation size pool table, for example is 4.5’ by 9’. Most people, however, opt for the slightly smaller 4’ by 8’ version – which is known as the “Home Eight” by people in the home billiards industry. Those big tables are usually only found in pool rooms or in the homes of professional players.

No matter which size you choose, you’ve still got more space consideration. The actual amount of space you need is the size of the table – both in width and length – as well as twice the length of the cue sticks. The length of a standard cue stick, by the way, is between 57” and 58”.

Which means that your standard Home Eight pool table needs a room with a footprint of at least 17’ by 13’ 4”. The big regulation size pool table will need at least 18’ by 14’.

Got Enough Space?

Taking up billiards might be more than you bargained for with you consider the amount of room the pool table needs. Often, homeowners consider the basement as the location for a pool room. They often run into the obstacle of a beam or load-bearing pole.

It still might be possible to situate the pool table in the space if you position the obstruction on the side of the table instead of at either end. That’s because more shots requiring the full length of the cue stick are taken from the foot end or the head end.

Your Own Billiards Room

There’s another option to consider if you’re not willing to give up on your dream of taking up billiards but you realize there’s just not enough room. Why not put up a dedicated building just for pool? A pre-fabricated metal building from Miracle Truss® will give you ample room to set up even a big regulation size pool table.

Our clear-span truss design removes the problem of load-bearing poles or low beams. In fact, you might even have enough room for a second story loft. Darts, anyone?

Request free building information from us. We’ll help you create the perfect personal billiards room.

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