We’re a country with a lot of stuff. According to statistics, 9.4 percent of us rent self-storage. There’s such demand that storage companies have nearly 1.7 billion square feet of it available, and we rent it at a rate of 5.4 square feet per person.

Many self-storage renters have no choice. They’ve got no room, and they’re unwilling to give up their possessions. Some of us have another option. We’ve got the space and the ability to put up prefab storage. The challenge is deciding if it makes dollars and sense.

A Better Choice

It’s hardly ever a better idea to rent when you can buy. Putting up DIY steel and metal storage stops the ongoing payment to someone else, and it can even add value to your own property. Storage is safe and convenient. There’s no more need to take a drive across town to access what you’ve stored.

While it might seem inexpensive to rent storage, it’s a cost that won’t ever stop unless you give up the storage. The average monthly cost to rent a self-storage unit is nearly $89 a month. It’s true that the price varies across the country. People in Lubbock, Texas pay some of the lowest rates in the country – almost half the average – while those who live north of Seattle in the town of Everett are paying more than half as much again as the average.

Doing the Math

Let’s take the national average rate of $89 a month. That’s a yearly cost of $1,068. Over the space of 10 years, you’ll pay rental fees of at least $10,680. Of course, that’s if the self-storage company doesn’t raise your rental fee. And while the average national rate did see a decrease of more than 2 percent, it’s projected that public demand will reverse that decrease and continue to drive up rates.

Meanwhile, one of the current specials at Miracle Truss® is a 24×40 foot DIY garage, featuring a 6:12 pitched roof. That very residential-looking roof hides a clear-span ceiling, meaning that you’ve got no flat roof or low-hanging rafters getting in the way.

This is a complete package. It includes roofing, siding, and trim – as well as the steel trusses, bracing, and the truss hardware. You’ll choose from a wide array of colors that complement what’s already on your property.

This DIY kit will reward you with 960 square feet of storage, on your property. If you took the current average cost per square foot of a 10×10 storage rental space and applied it to this DIY kit, you’d end up paying about $941 a month. That would be nearly $113,000 over the span of 10 years.

Compare paying that much in rent to our current special pricing offer on this kit. It pays to own. Request free information from us and find out how you can stop throwing away your money on renting storage space.

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