Who says man caves are supposed to be all about the guys? Personal space is important for both men and women – as evidenced by the growing popularity of she sheds. Whether it’s a man cave for a guy or a she shed for a gal, it’s an opportunity for personal expression.

Man caves stopped being relegated to that unused spare bedroom ages ago. Today, they’re apt to be found as a new story built above the garage, or even a separate building just steps away from the house. A favorite way to put up these detached man caves is with a pre-fabricated metal building – and today’s designs look nothing like those oversized garden sheds of yesteryear.

Based on in-house research, here’s a top 5 list of the most popular man cave items. Don’t have an item? Not to worry – it’s all about personal expression, remember?

1. A Recliner

The reason this is such a popular man cave item isn’t because recliners should be hidden in caves. Today’s modern recliners are nothing like those monsters of yesteryear. Many of them offer therapeutic back and leg massages, as well as appropriate places to set beverages and even cell phones so everything’s well within reach.

2. Flat Screen Monitors

Notice they’re not referred to as TVs? Today we’re just as likely to play a video game or do some research online. It’s not just about a sports game or catching up on a Netflix favorite. The alternate also is a retractable screen for your high resolution digital projector.

3. Mini Refrigerators and Bars

If you’ve turned a separate building into your man cave, the last thing you might want to consider is a trek all the way to the main house for a beverage refill. It’s why refrigerated places to store beverages – adult and otherwise – are always popular man cave items. The benefit of going with a Miracle Truss® DIY building is that you don’t have to make it mini. You’ll have plenty of room to create the bar of your dreams and stock it with full-size appliances.

4. Pool Tables

Entertainment isn’t always on the screen, and a good game of pool is always high on the list of ways to relax. Not every man cave has room for one – and it’s a good reason to consider putting up an exterior building.

Many pool table manufacturers today offer you the option to convert it for other uses, such as a ping pong table or even a poker table. Keep that in mind if you’ve got lots of friends with lots of ideas on how to kill an afternoon.

5. Personal Touches

Neither sex has the market cornered on personalization. It’s a stereotype to consider man caves as dark, paneled places overstuffed with sports memorabilia. One of the reasons many people go with Miracle Truss® buildings to put up a man cave or a she shed is that our designs are highly customizable. We start the process by asking you what you want to build. Use this form to get free information.

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