Blame it on superheroes. Clark Kent chilled in his Fortress of Solitude. Bruce Wayne tinkered with his gizmos in the Bat Cave. Tony Stark took an express elevator to…wherever…to add more accessories to his Iron Man armor.

We all want to be close to our workshops. Some of us practically live in them. Is it any wonder that in this age of mashups, we’re taking our houses and our workshops, and turning them into “shouses”? It’s a growing trend, and the need for the best of a house, and a workshop, can be perfectly met by our line of Miracle Truss® DIY metal hybrid buildings.

A Time-Honored Tradition

It’s not such a novel idea when you consider that before we got around to building suburbs, many business owners actually lived where they worked. Shopkeepers would ply their trade on the ground floor, and they lived in the space above.

Even artists got into this style of living. French Impressionist Claude Monet spent 43 years of his impressive career living in a combination house and workshop in Giverny, an hour-long train ride from Paris out into the French countryside. He lived there with his wife and 8 children, so he definitely needed a lot of affordable space.

All it takes is thinking about the commute in tomorrow morning’s traffic to make you long for those good old days.

C’est Magnifique!

You don’t have to be a superhero or a French Impressionist to enjoy the benefits of combining where you live…with where you work. Miracle Truss® has a wide array of building plans that’ll fit the bill. Our clear-span web steel truss method allows for wide and open spaces. We’ll take you as wide as 125 feet without any problem – even bigger if needed. Work below and live above it you like. Our designs offer wall heights of up to 30 feet and beyond.

The open truss construction creates cathedral-style ceilings, so you can create either a loft for living—or a complete and separate second-story space. Both our walls and ceilings feature wood studs 24 inches on center. That means anything built for a standard residential structure—like drywall—fits perfectly in a Miracle Truss building and is easily finished off on the inside as such. Go with the big metal roll-up door to drive your material right into the workshop, but then opt for any kind of buy-it-off-the-shelf residential window or door. The 24”-on-center construction also means you can roll batted insulation in place before you secure your interior wall surfaces to keep things nice and comfortable temperature-wise all year long – similar to normal wood-built home construction.

Superman’s Fortress of Solitude was invisible. We’re thinking you want exterior color and design options you can actually appreciate. We’ve got you covered—or, rather your shouse covered—in that respect. Choose from 17 tasteful colors sealed onto your steel siding, roofing, and trim. Many of our customers go for a 2-tone color scheme, and the results are sharp.

Which Miracle Truss® building is right for your shouse? Fill out this form and tell us what kind of living and working space would make the perfect combination for you. We’ll send you information and a free quote.

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