You’ve got your fishing license for the season and solid tips on where they’re biting. Where’s your boat?

Oh, yeah…that’s right. It’s still in storage. All nice and wrapped for the winter. Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do is roll up the door on your personal boat storage building, hook up the trailer, and head out fishing? It’s not a pipe dream, and it probably costs less than you may think. Benefit-wise, you’re just getting started.

Is It Ever Just About A Boat?

If you like being out on the water and you own a boat, there’s a good chance you’ve also got a slew of “related stuff” that needs storage, too. Serious fishing requires ample equipment—and the storage needs to go with it.

Do you use your boat for recreational purposes, too? Now you’ve got waterski equipment, inflatables, and all the accessories that go along with a nice day out on the water. Where does all that live?

If you love to be out on the water, you probably also have a kayak or a canoe—or a few of them. Throw in a couple of jet skis while you’re at it. It all adds up, and so does the space needed to keep it.

Bottom line: it’s never just about a boat, and all that stuff has to be stored. In a perfect world, it’s all kept securely in just one place. It’s also fast and easy to get access to it.

Welcome To The Perfect World

What you don’t need is something the size of a warehouse—which is likely where you find yourself storing your boat during the winter. There’s a perfect solution for you, and it’s only the size you need, so you can put it on your property.

A DIY boat storage building from Miracle Truss® delivers all this and more. Design flexibility means you can choose a size that comfortably fits your boat and all the rest of your recreational toys. You might be surprised by how much you can fit in a Miracle Truss® building. The clear-span trusses mean there are no low-hanging rafters to get in your way. You can pull your boat right in without worrying about height. Even climb inside and load it up while its neatly stored in preparation.

The process starts with your needs, and the pre-manufactured trusses and building material is packaged with DIY in mind. Many of our customers find they can put up our buildings quickly by themselves—and at a substantial savings in cost and time as opposed to traditional construction.

And, don’t forget about no longer having to shell out for off-site storage facility fees. So…where’s your boat?

If it’s farther away than a metal and steel marine storage building on your property, just fill out this form and let’s get to work on closing the distance.

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