If you ask most people what belongs in a garage, they’ll tell you it’s for your vehicles. If you ask them if their vehicles are actually parked in the garage…they’ll probably stop answering your questions. That’s because so many of us have laid claim to the garage for other purposes.

Extra storage often claims the top reason for kicking our cars out of the garage. Coming in a close second is the desire to use the space for a workshop. Cars are made (mostly) out of metal, so they’re fine outside. Out they go.

Why Choose One Or The Other?

There’s no reason why your metal garage can’t be your metal workshop building, and vice versa. All you need is a little more space than the average garage – and a DIY steel and metal building from Miracle Truss® is the perfect solution.

By the way, there’s a very good reason to expand your horizons this way. Adding a garage/workshop space can increase your property value. The clear span design of our steel frame buildings even allow you to build in a second story level that you can use for extra living space.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Use these “rule of thumb” measurements to plot out the footprint of your garage/workshop. Let’s start with the vehicles. They deserve to be put first, considering they were the first to get kicked out.

  • You’ll want about a 24’ x 24’ for a 2-car garage.
  • You’ll want about 20’ x 25’ for a single boat and trailer, or other recreational vehicles.
  • You’ll want 30’ of width for an RV, plus up to 50’ in length depending on its size.

Now, let’s take care of that need for extra storage space. As little as 6’ of additional width to your new garage should give you ample room for all of the items that are related to your vehicles, boat and other toys, and your RV. Add another 6’ on the other side for “just in case” future storage needs, a workbench, or space for the kids’ toys.

Don’t forget about our clear span truss design. You’ve got no flat ceilings or low hanging rafters to get in your way. Now, you can also think “up” as well as “out.” You can also do away with that feeling of claustrophobia because of the interior height you’ll have.

Now that you’ve got the vehicles and storage planned for, how much more space do you need for the workshop? Check out what our customers have built if you need some inspiration. Our designs are flexible, and the pricing makes it possible for you to design for the combination garage/workshop you thought you could never afford!

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