Every day is getting you closer. It’s almost time to get your boat out of winter storage and back out on the water. Boat safety is nothing to take lightly, though. Are you up for the prep work it’ll take to get your boat ready for the season?

Successful, long-time boaters have discovered it’s best to turn this into an annual ritual. Include a recommended inspection, engine tune-up, and thorough cleaning. Paying that extra attention at the start of the season will keep you and your guests safe during the upcoming boating adventures.

First Steps

Sure, you’ve read it before—but there’s no reason not to get out your boat’s owner’s manual and go through it again. This documentation provides you with important manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. Safe boating starts here.

It extends to the confirmation that you’ve also completed the appropriate boat safety courses and have obtained any necessary licensing or certificates you need. Don’t forget the trailer if you’ve got one.

Pre-Launch Inspection and Maintenance

Get out on the water with confidence. Schedule to have a certified technician or mechanic perform the recommended maintenance on your boat. A professional tune-up is the likely recommendation your owner’s manual will make for the engine. Now, for the rest of your vessel:

  • Unpack and inspect all safety equipment on board. Personal flotation devices are a priority, but don’t neglect your fire extinguisher and flares.
  • Check all lights for proper function.
  • An electrical problem is the last type of problem you want to have out on the water. Make sure your battery is secured, and check to see that all electrical connections are secure and free of corrosion.
  • Inspect your hull for abrasions, scratches, or dents.
  • Do you have rails or swim platforms? Make sure they’re secure.

Trailer Time

Many boaters choose to keep their vessel close to home—especially if it’s small enough to tow. While the boat’s the key to being out on the water, your trailer is key to getting you to the water. This important piece of boating equipment deserves a close inspection and appropriate maintenance to prepare it for the season, as well.

  • Check your registration.
  • Inspect rollers and pads, and replace them if necessary. You don’t want them scratching your hull.
  • Check and lubricate your trailer’s wheel bearings.
  • Is your winch in good working order? Lean and lubricate it. While you’re at it, lubricate the tongue jack, too.
  • Don’t forget to check the tire pressure, and to make sure there’s sufficient tread. Uneven wear is a sign of trouble.

Room to Work on Your Boat

Many boaters have discovered it takes only a few years of off-site winter storage fees to pay for pre-fabricated metal building that provides more than enough room to house any boat that can’t spend the off-season on the water.

Check out our growing collection of metal and steel marine and RV storage building photos provided by Miracle Truss® customers. Use this form to tell us about your boat. We’ll send you a free building quote.

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