Put it on your checklist. When you opt for a Miracle Truss® building, the design gives you the option to complete it with basically any off-the-shelf interior building material that’s compatible with 2-foot on center framing. Pick out your favorite windows. They’ll fit beautifully.

And, if you want the luxury of extra room moving things in and out of your new DIY prefab building, equip it with a garage door. Here’s what to keep in mind when you go shopping for one—in particular, the very important component that makes your garage door go up and down.

The Drive System

There are generally 3 types of drive systems that are used to raise and lower overhead garage doors.

  1. The screw-drive system features a lifting apparatus that moves the length of a steel rod. It’s low-maintenance because there are few moving parts. The system body is mounted on your garage ceiling.
  2. The chain-drive system uses a length of metal chain to lift your garage door up or down along a set of tracks. Chances are, it’s what’s already being used in your existing garage.
  3. The computer-controlled direct drive system does away with chains and screws. It’s mounted directly above the door.

One thing to keep in mind with all 3 of these drive types is that they tend to be selected in terms of how much vertical room they’ll save you. A standard garage ceiling is usually around 8 feet—and that’s often because garage doors tend to be just 7 feet.

Miracle Truss® buildings feature clear-span trusses. You won’t have a flat ceiling or low-hanging rafters to get in the way of your garage door.

Safety First

All garage doors on the market today have safety features that prevent the door from closing on and pinning objects—whether it’s your vehicle, you, or even your pet. The door will reverse its direction if it encounters an obstruction.

Low-end garage doors have a simple beam and sensor apparatus installed a few inches off the ground. An interruption of the beam triggers the reverse motion. Higher end models now come equipped with something much like what you encounter in an elevator. It’ll cause the same reverse action with the door—but it’s not regulated by a sensor beam.

Safety is about security, too, and today’s garage doors are up to the task in this area. Your remote control is all someone needs to get into the garage (or your Miracle Truss® building with a garage door installed). Manufacturers have made these openers far more sophisticated.

Gone are the days when your garage door opener might also just happen to open your neighbor’s garage door, too. A new random code is generated each time the remote is used. The newest garage door opener kits just coming out will also let you connect them to your smart home hub. Who needs a garage door opener when you can just pull out your smartphone and say, “Raise the door”?

Don’t cramp your style. If you’re working on the plans for a DIY building for more storage on your property, give yourself plenty of space with an overhead garage door. We can help you with the planning. Fill out this form and you’ll even receive a free quote.

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