ESPN estimates that there are slightly more than 34,000 golf courses around the world. More than 45% of them are located in the United States. The number fluctuates, but it’s generally more than 16,000 courses scattered across 50 states.

Florida boasts the highest number, with over 1,000 golf courses located within its borders. You might think that California and Texas would be chasing behind Florida—but it’s Michigan that’s giving Florida the most competition. From a numbers perspective, about 75% of the nation’s golf courses are located within 20 states.

Golf Is An Expensive Sport

The manicured greens might be one of the top reasons why you fork over all that money for a round of golf, but consider the cost of the buildings on the course, too. Sure, there’s the swanky country club. That fleet of golf carts and all the lawn equipment needs a place to hang, too.

The same ESPN report that shared the global golf course numbers also notes that the number of courses here in the United States is, in fact, not growing. At the time of the report—which came out in 2015—there were more than 700 golf courses in advanced planning or under construction around the world. About 150 of those were slated for the United States.

Nevertheless, ESPN reports that this number of new courses being opened is at an all-time low. The report concludes that we may never again see a peak of more than 16,000 golf courses again in America. One of the main reasons for what ESPN labeled as a “market correction” is the growing expense. And that’s why golf courses have been on the lookout for practical ways to put up buildings.

Our Metal buildings provide a solution. They’re practical and durable, with a cost that creates a return on investment.

Breaking Through The Stereotypes

We all know a steel building when we see it, right? Don’t be so sure about that. Yes, some are easy to pick out because of the obvious metal wall and roof panels. On the other hand, you probably have gone right by other metal buildings without even knowing it.

Miracle Truss® offers designs that look like anything but a typical metal building. The choices of options we offer can make a building look as if it was architect-designed. Clear span widths of 15 to 125 feet make for optimal golf cart storage. Cathedral ceilings offer additional usable space for storage and working on equipment. Flip a few half trusses in the opposite direction and you’ve got a roof overhang that’s perfect to create an area for golfers to pick up and drop off their carts.

Unlike some manufacturers, we will provide truss only orders. That gives golf courses the option to finish the building with other materials like shingle roofs and vinyl siding. We also can configure our DIY building kits to feature large door openings that can even accommodate stack style hangar doors. You can even install skylights for additional interior lighting that will keep down the utility bills.

All these options add up to the creation of buildings that feature the architectural style you’d expect to see that matches the country club where your customers will head—and spend a few extra dollars—after they’ve dropped off their cart in front of the Miracle Truss® building that looks like anything but a metal building. Head here and fill out our quick and easy form to receive free information.

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