The whole idea with greenhouses is that you want reliable structural support, but without it getting in the way of letting the sun in. Often, there’s a trade-off. You can have a greenhouse offering excellent access to the sunlight but worry about what’s going to happen in bad weather. Or, you can go with a more stable build and have to deal with that infrastructure getting in the way of the sunshine.

There’s a better alternative that doesn’t require any sacrifices, and it’s what’s causing a growing number of people looking for greenhouse solutions to consider the Miracle Truss® approach to pre-engineered buildings.

Starting with Strength

With a building mostly wrapped by a lightweight transparent or translucent cover, it’s imperative that you start with sturdy and rugged framing. Our approach uses web trusses.
You’re familiar with the design if you’ve ever noticed how bridge trusses or crane-booms are built. This type of fabrication is designed to take advantage of the strength of dimensions and materials. Build it once. Let the wind blow or the snow fall or both! and never have to worry about what you are storing inside when mother nature brings her fury.

Closer truss spacing and closer secondary members (purlins and girts offer additional strength, as well as the ability to finish off the inside without having to retro-fit. There’s no need for interior stud walls. Wall members are edge mounted every 24” on center. Compare truss spacing and secondary spacing to other buildings and you’ll see the clear advantage of the Miracle Truss® system when it comes to greenhouses. You’ll be able to use more types of exterior products to maximize the usage of the sun.

A Quick Build

The clear span truss design means that you’re not dealing with flat ceilings or low-hanging rafters. This offers the opportunity to go vertical with your growing. The extra height means you’ve got plenty of interior area for air movement. Larger buildings have plenty of space inside for horticultural equipment and maneuvering large materials inside.

The pre-fabricated steel columns are shipped to you pre-fitted. They assemble in four pieces and bolt directly to concrete. No welding required. With steel legs, there are no wood posts in the ground left to rot off and no clumsy wood framing to worry about getting perfectly plumb from scratch. Steel legs go up straight, solid, and won’t rot. This important in a greenhouse environment where you may be dealing with artificial humidity.

Contact us to request a free quote for a greenhouse. You’ll appreciate our ability to offer you sizes and configurations that other companies would shy away from.

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