Every penny counts when starting up your own business. We often start them by working out of our own home. It’s a convenient and cost-efficient solution, but the sacrifice can be a loss of privacy and plenty of interruptions to your workflow.

The problem with opening up a business location is that it can separate you from the ability to simply walk to your designated office area and take care of issues as they arise. A perfect solution would be a space right on your own property where you can set up a specific building for this purpose. Introducing “shedquarters.” It’s a growing trend for home-based businesses.

Don’t Let The Name Fool You

Throw out the word “shed” and people tend to think of that disused and abused building in the corner of the back yard that houses gardening tools and an assortment of creepy creatures we’d rather not see. That’s why this growing trend could have a name that might throw you off.

The “shed” in shedquarters isn’t suggesting that you share your home-based business with the lawnmower and an army of spiders. This trend is all about investing in a DIY structure you can put up yourself, and then outfit as needed. And, since you can locate your shedquarters just steps away from your home, you’ll have an enviable commute.

According to a recent Gallup survey, more than 43% of us either have the ability to work remotely or have a home-based business. This number has almost doubled over the past six years. We’re looking for a separate space, but still something that’s right on our property.

It makes dollars and sense to turn a structure into your shedquarters. It can become a business expense and be written off on your taxes.

Value, Multiplied

Properly zoned and permitted shedquarters add valuable square footage to your property. It gives you the space you need to start a home-based business, and it creates an asset that can increase the resale value of your home.

Options open for office areas for small business tend to be less than desirable. That’s a challenge that disappears when the headquarters of your enterprise is just steps away from your home and on your own property.

Shedquarters are not meant to be as elegant as, say, the new Apple headquarters in California. However, you’re also not looking for extreme amounts of square footage. Depending on the size of your property, a structure as small as 400 square feet can work for you. Many home-based business owners opt for structures offering at least 800 square feet, which provide ample room for growth.

Miracle Truss® buildings are excellent choices for shedquarters because of the options and capabilities we offer. Take advantage of the clear-span truss design, but feel free to match exterior designs with the existing architecture of the buildings on your property.

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