Guess what keeps shrinking? For the third year in a row, it’s the size of new homes. According to the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), square footage of an American home in 1015 was 2,700. Today, the average size of new home construction is only about 2,576 square feet. The lot size for houses continues to get smaller, too. It’s currently down to a national average of 8,428 square feet – the lowest it’s been in almost 40 years.

The reason might surprise you because it doesn’t have anything to do with the tiny house trend. The NAHB says it’s the industry’s way to reduce house purchase prices so they remain affordable. What’s getting chopped? Builders are getting rid of a bedroom and skipping those three-car garages. It’s why a growing number of property owners are turning to Miracle Truss® for metal and steel garages.

Go for the Extra Space

Smaller homes and garages mean you’ll likely have far less room for storing your lawn mower, let alone your vehicles. A metal and steel garage is the cost effective and highly efficient way to make sure you’ve got enough storage space for all your hobbies – and even sporting equipment like ATVs or a boat.

The cost savings is achieved because our prefabricated garage and workshop kits are designed for ease of construction. They really are possible to put up yourself, and you can do it up to five times faster than conventional construction. We call this the Miracle Truss® advantage.

The building kits feature strong and durable steel web trusses that can be customized to your dimensions. It means you’ll be telling us how big you want your garage to be. It couldn’t be easier to put up. The prefabricated steel columns bolt directly to concrete. No welding required. The clear span trusses give you the option for extra height you’ll likely never find in a conventionally built garage. Those trusses do away with the usual flat ceilings found in most garages. It rewards you with more usable interior space. Go ahead and plan for the vertical storage you’ve always dreamed of.

Does a metal and steel garage kit mean you’re stick with an ugly exterior and no choices for finishing the inside? Go with a truss-only order and choose what you like for an exterior, including vinyl or even brick. The same goes for roofing material. Choose your preferred roof pitch and go with composite shingle if you like.

As for the inside, edge mounted purlins and girts create standard 24” on center framework that accommodates standard interior building material. Feel free to head off to your favorite home improvement store and pick out what you like.

Check out our growing gallery of metal and steel garages and shops. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free building quote. Be prepared to tell us a little about your dream garage when you fill out this form.

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