One of the best reasons to get a Miracle Truss® DIY steel building kit is because of how cost effective it is to create plenty of storage.

Customers rave about how easy the buildings are to put up. Prefabricated steel columns bolt directly to concrete, so there’s no welding required. The steel legs go up straight and solid, and they give you an added benefit. Clear-span trusses mean there are no flat ceilings or low hanging rafters. If you’re looking for space, this is key. But how much space do you really need?

Renting Room

If you don’t have enough storage space – or you don’t invest in a solution you own, like a metal and steel storage kit put up on your property – you’re going to have to rent space. It’s estimated that there are up to 52,000 self-storage businesses spread across the United States. About 9 percent of us rent self-storage space, and we spend an average of almost $89 a month for the privilege. Thanks to our need for extra room to store our stuff, the self-storage industry generates about $38 billion annually. Statistics show that the average person rents about 5.4 square feet.

How Much Room?

You can make a list, but it’s still difficult for many people to visualize how much space they might need. Here’s some perspective.

We know that the average person rents about 5.4 square feet from a self-storage space. That’s usually the smallest rental they offer – a 5×5 foot unit. It’s 25 square feet, making it about the same size as one of the bedroom closets in your house. According to the latest statistics, people are paying more than $47 a month for this small amount of extra space.

  • A 5×15 foot unit offers 75 square feet and enough space to store the contents of a one-bedroom apartment.
  • A 10×15 foot unit offers 150 square feet and enough space to store the contents of a three-bedroom home. It’s the size many people choose for their seasonal sporting equipment. The average monthly rental for a unit this size is $126 a month.
  • If you want to store a vehicle, you’ll need at least a 10×20 foot unit. A small to midsize car will fit, along with sports equipment, small furniture, or storage boxes. The average monthly rental price for a unit this size is $138.

Now you’ve got a better idea of how to equate the stuff you have with the space you need. It’s probably not difficult at all to see that a storage unit might not give you enough room. It’s why a growing number of property owners are going with the better solution – and one that doesn’t come with a monthly rental fee.

A metal and steel storage kit can provide you with a generous amount of storage. You can put it up yourself, and you can order a size that’s perfect for your property. Our buildings are such a perfect solution that owners buy them to use for self-storage and mini-storage businesses. Check out our current building specials.

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