Your metal building overhead garage rollup doors are meant to last for decades, and you can keep them looking good for their lifespan by spending about half an hour yearly to give them a good wash-down. The best time to wash your garage rollup metal door is just after you clean your gutters. Sounds like a springtime undertaking, right?

Here are the most common things you need to know about cleaning your garage rollup metal doors.

One Big No-No

It might seem like a quick and efficient way to get the job done, but you’ll end up with plenty of unintended water inside your garage if you use a power washer on your rollup door. Most doors of this type don’t have seals to keep the water out. Any water under pressure—including even the nozzle of a garden hose—will allow water to pass through to the interior.

By Hand

The safest and most efficient way to clean a garage rollup medal door is by hand. Use mild dishwashing liquid detergent and a bucket of water. You’ll also need a soft bristled brush on a pole, as well as a handful of microfiber towels.

Ready, Set, Wash!

Begin by applying a gentle stream of water to completely wet down the exterior surface of the door. This alone might remove most of the dirt and grime. For a dirtier door, you’ll then want to gently brush each panel—starting from the top and working down—with the water and dishwashing detergent mixture.

If you notice a slight layer of chalky oxidation that’s giving the glossy surface a hazy look, it’s time to apply just a little bit of elbow grease. Most rollup metal garage doors are treated with a clear protective coating. Your microfiber cloths have just enough abrasive quality to re-polish the surface and remove the oxidation.

A typical 8-foot rollup door can be “de-oxidized” in about 20 minutes. After you’ve removed the dirt and grime and rinsed the panels, completely wet and then wring out one of your microfiber towels. Fold it into a pad. Then—starting from the top—wipe across each rib. Apply a medium pressure. You should see a shiny path behind you as you move across. Stop to rinse, wring, and refold the microfiber cloth frequently.

Avoid cleaning your rollup garage door when there’s direct sunlight on it. This will help you to prevent water spots. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly rinse the cement area round the door to prevent the dirt or oxidation you remove from discoloring this surface.

Final Step

If you notice that your rollup door has lost some of its original luster, you can bring it back by applying a coat of car wax. This can also help the door to repel dirt and grime.

Rollup metal doors and Miracle Truss® buildings are an excellent combination. Our designs feature side headers and transfer beams for large sidewall openings, so you can go with oversize rollup doors that will keep them overhead and out of the way when open.

It’s just one of many options that make our designs extremely flexible. Rollup metal doors are the way to go for garages and shops. Check out this gallery of photos to see how some of our customers have paired them with their Miracle Truss® garage.

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