We might insist on wearing our favorite shorts well into October, but refusing to think about a change in the seasons can put you on the wrong side of being prepared when it’s suddenly time for jackets and snow boots.

For many of us, the garage is more than a place to park the cars. It’s where we keep seasonal things handy. During warm weather, the lawn mower and maybe even the golf cart needs to be accessible. They swap places with things like the snow blower or even your snowmobiles. It’s time to get ready to make the swap again.

Clean First

Frequently used garages are magnets for dust, leaves, dirt, bugs, and even a few unwanted four-legged guests. Reserve an Autumn weekend to pull everything out of your garage so you can give it a thorough cleaning.

Check stored items for signs of damage. It can be an opportunity to perform a bit of Marie Kondo magic on the contents of your garage. One of the top benefits of a thorough fall garage cleaning is that you might discover you’ve got room to actually park your vehicles inside for the winter!

Everything in Its Place

A few years back, a garage organization and storage system company did a survey and found that while 92 percent of homeowners surveyed said they consider themselves organized, more than 25 percent said that didn’t include the garage. Nearly a third said they keep the garage door shut so no one can see the mess.

Saving yourself from embarrassment is one thing, but consider decluttering because you’re actually making things safer. We often store flammable paint or dangerous pesticides and herbicides in close proximity to things we buy in bulk – like paper towels or napkins. That’s never a good mix. There are some things that should never be stored for long periods in the garage.

Room to Grow

Your fall cleaning might not be enough. You might still discover that you just don’t have the space you want or need in the garage after getting it ready for the cold weather ahead. It’s time to upgrade your garage.

A growing number of homeowners are taking advantage of the cost effectiveness and practicality of a metal and steel garage. Our clear-span truss design offers an additional benefit of vertical space. There are no low-hanging rafters, making it possible to even consider putting in a loft or a whole second story. Learn more about the Miracle Truss® Advantage.

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