The look of tools in the workshop is changing, even if they still help you cut, drill, or sand. Your smartphone or tablet can help you work faster and safer with wood. When you consider that smartphones have built-in cameras, navigation, and super-high-resolution screens, there’s no surprise that enterprising app developers have put those functions to work in helping woodworkers up their game.

Even if it’s just to use the specialized calculators made for woodworkers, enthusiasts are finding that the smartphone can take the place of older tools – or even tools they haven’t gotten around to buying yet.

Building Better Projects

Many of the woodworking related apps you can find for your smartphone have to do with productivity. Some of the most popular help to estimate both time and materials needed – which can be extremely important to determining the correct price to charge if you’re running a small business.

And speaking of business, there are even apps that are devoted to the specialty of woodworking. The majority of smartphone apps tend to focus on education. You can download apps that give you access to thousands of detailed plans for making everything from a wooden pen to the desk you would need to write with it. Other apps help with conversions, or as calculators to assist in choosing the right nails or screws. Some even help you with determining the best species of wood to use for your project.

At the upper end of the spectrum, there are apps that require attachments which will then help with things like measuring the moisture content of the wood you plan to use.

Made for Marketing

Many woodworkers have found that the best apps for woodworking aren’t necessarily focused on them at all. When a customer can come from anywhere in the world, it’s all about marketing and discovery. Social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, and even Facebook allow woodworkers to share photos of their creations and engage with potential customers. Check us out on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for examples of what we’re talking about.

Many woodworkers have found that their social media followers are very interested in seeing both photos and video showing how things are made. All it takes today is your smartphone and learning the free video editing tool that comes with just about every model.

Woodworkers are bringing their smartphones into the workshop with them more often now. It may not be able to drill or saw, but it truly has become a productivity tool.

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