If you have anything to do with agriculture, you know that “assets” aren’t always things you keep in a wall safe. For you, they’re the size of a Columbine tractor. List price? With add-on features, you’re looking at up to half a million bucks. Some of your assets aren’t even mechanical. Livestock starts as an investment before it matures as an asset.

There’s one thing all agricultural assets share, and that’s a need for protection. The structures offering this shelter aren’t as elaborate as those we build to live in, but they need to offer the same level of protection. The size requirements alone call for a completely different approach. Cost-efficiency is just as important as strength and durability.

Substantial Protection, Without The Matching Cost

It might seem like an elusive combination, but there is a solution—and it has the additional benefit of being nearly maintenance-free. Metal and steel agricultural buildings are rugged and durable, so they’re able to withstand whatever Mother Nature wants to throw at them. Even so, they’re pre-engineered, which means they can be put up much quicker, and for substantially less cost, than a comparable building using traditional construction.

The price may be less for a DIY agricultural storage building, but there’s no sacrifice in quality or protective strength. For our buildings it starts with the truss system—and it’s why we’re named Miracle Truss.

Strength And Flexibility

Take a look at a construction crane or a bridge truss. That amazing strength for support comes from a web truss design to take advantage of dimensions and materials. We put that to work in our buildings.

Truss design is not unique to our buildings. What makes us stand out, though, is our insistence on closer truss spacing and closer secondary members (purlins and girts) in our designs. This closer spacing and edge-mounted secondary wall members offers 2 benefits:

  1. Superior strength
  2. The ability to finish off the inside without having to retro-fit a whole interior stud wall.

The clear-span design of our trusses creates a maximum footprint without the need of support that would get in the way of maneuverable floor space. If your building is for livestock, you can insulate it with normal batt-style insulation,

The Red Barn Urban Myth

Yes, many agricultural buildings—especially barns—are red. Click here if you want to know more about that. Your Miracle Truss agricultural building can be a wide array of colors. Choose your trim, siding, roof color, and even go 2-tone if you like.

We speak your language, so we know just what you’re talking about when you say you’ve got valuable assets to protect. It’s all about cost per square foot. Fill out this form and let’s get to work on calculating a return on investment that’ll add more to your bottom line.

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