Love it or hate it, spring cleaning is on a lot of minds as the weather starts to get warmer. And while we usually attribute it to getting rid of interior clutter accumulated during the winter months, the exterior of your business deserves a bit of attention, too.

Basic preventative maintenance in the spring can help you catch any problems that the winter snow and cold temperatures might have created. Here are three exterior spring cleaning tips.

1. Check for Damage Caused by Freezing

Frozen water expands. In its liquid state, water can settle into cracks in your parking lot and sidewalks. An entire winter freezes and thaws can start cracks that are easier to seal or repair when they’re first spotted right after the snow is gone.

While you’re out there checking for cracks, make sure to inspect your irrigation lines. Are they ready for the season?

2. Spruce Up Your Landscaping

The best time to get landscaping in order is before the warmer weather brings back all your plants to life. Did the winter ice and snow cause any damage to trees nearby your building? Check those limbs to make sure the first spring storm doesn’t bring them down. Now is also the time to look at shrubs and plantings around the perimeter of your building. Proper distance allows for airflow and the ability to access the exterior. It’s a lot easier to trim or remove shrubs before they leaf out.

3. Entrance Prep

It’s common for businesses in northern areas to see a buildup of white residue on the areas near entrances. It’s from the salt and de-icing products that are tracked through the snow throughout the season. There’s no reason to go crazy with more chemicals. Often, you can remove the residue with a combination of vinegar, dish soap, and a bucket of warm water.

Giving a Good First Impression

The exterior of your business and the surrounding area is the first thing that customers see. You want it to communicate a positive and welcome impression. The sleek and modular designs of a pre-fabricated steel building can help you with this. Today’s steel buildings – especially ones from Miracle Truss® allow you to incorporate exterior materials that give it a warm and inviting look. Check out our gallery of industrial and commercial buildings put up by Miracle Truss® customers.

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