Electric vehicles have gone from being a rarity to something you see on the road every day. While they’re certainly more common, don’t expect the corner gas station to do a disappearing act any time soon.
And, while public charging stations are becoming more commonplace, electric vehicle owners still have to pay attention to the amount of juice they have left. Because the most convenient time to recharge your electric vehicle’s battery is overnight, the best place for a charging station is in your own garage. Here’s what you need to know about personal charging stations.

Not Enough

Many homeowners have discovered that their existing garages aren’t equipped with the necessary power capacity. The services of a professional electrician are required for rewiring before you can install a personal charging station.

A large number of the home personal charging stations require 240 volts. You’ll need at least a 40-amp service. Some personal charging stations will allow you to use a 120-volt adapter. The average cost of these personal charging stations is between $500 to $800.


You’ll want to add to the price of the charging station these cost considerations:

  • The labor charges for an electrician if rewiring is necessary
  • The cost the installation of a 40- to 100-amp service for the charging station
  • Wi-Fi connectivity—many charging stations are monitored through your mobile device


Upgrading the electrical service may require a building permit. The fees for this vary by state, the average can be between $100 to $200.

Your Advantage

While it sounds like this is all starting to add up, stop and take a look at your current electric bill to find out how much your rate is. Most public charging stations are getting between 8 to 15 cents per kilowatt-hour. Your home rate should be nowhere near that much.

There also are tax incentives. The federal government offers incentives of up to $7,500 for electric vehicles. There are some incentives available for you if you want to add a home charging station, too. It’s possible to deduct 30% of the installation cost. Check with your tax advisor for more details.

You can purchase the home personal charging station yourself. You’ll also find all of the electrical hardware and components at your local home improvement store, but you’ll need to work with a professional to have it installed.

The home personal charging units aren’t that large—but maybe it’s time to give some thought to upgrading your garage so you’ll have even more space for your new electric vehicle. One of the reasons why people choose Miracle Truss® garage kits is that these pre-fabricated buildings are energy efficient and made with recycled steel. Just like your new electric vehicle, they’re much better for the environment!

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