If you’ve ever driven past an expensive home and admired the intricate designs of its roof, you could be admiring one of the main benefits of a Miracle Truss® building. What you see is the result of prefabricated roof trusses.

Our roofs are made with a simple and strong clear-span web steel truss method. These steel trusses are test assembled at our factory and then sent to you in four bolt-together pieces. The trusses carry the load of your roof in a way that traditional construction just couldn’t handle.

Unmatched Support

Seeing photos of our truss assemblies will remind you of bridges or cranes, and that’s because we’re using the same structure to take advantage of the strength of dimension and material. If you take our trusses down to their most basic form, you’ll see they’re made of triangles. This shape has a highly efficient ability to distribute weight. When webs of triangles are joined, the resulting structure allows weight to be evenly distributed across the entire truss. The trusses bear the weight, rather than the walls. These truss systems are designed by engineers. The trusses are manufactured to meet specific building codes, and the engineered design also creates precise angles and pitches.

Unlike traditional construction, these trusses can often be installed in a single day. It’s why Miracle Truss® buildings are so popular with DIY-minded property owners.

More Space

Because our trusses can carry so much weight by themselves, we’re able to design buildings that offer more interior space than traditional construction. For example, we’re able to offer you building widths ranging from 15 feet up to 125 feet or more, with wall heights up to 30 feet.

The clear span the trusses create reward you with more vertical usable space. Nevertheless, our designs are able to meet and exceed high wind loads, making them a wise choice even in coastal areas. This extra strength is also because we employ closer truss spacing and closer secondary members.

Besides knowing where we’ll need to ship it, it’s also why we ask you where you’ll put up your Miracle Truss® building. Our DIY building kits include certified stamped building plans for every state. Are you located in Canada? If requested, we can even meet Canadian welding certificate requirements.

Our designs are simple, which makes them strong and reliable – and it’s also why we’re able to offer a 50-year structural warranty. The web truss design doesn’t mean cookie cutter. Wood studs every 24 inches gives you free range to finish the inside any way you like, using standard materials. You can also add standard doors or windows and even insulate with normal batt-style insulation.

Best yet, the modular design means you can add or make changes to your Miracle Truss® building at a later date. Learn more about the Miracle Truss® advantage.

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