You don’t live in it, but your cars do. At least that was the original plan. Garages and shops begin with good intentions, but they often end up as nothing more than storage extensions. It’s a good thing there’s a driveway because that’s the only place left for the cars.

If your garage or workshop is the place you stow the overflow from the house instead of your vehicles, it’s time to think outside the box with roll-up doors. Maybe that space needs to stop pretending it’s for cars. Perhaps it should embrace its destiny as a dedicated storage area. Or, even the media room you’ve always wanted. You can build something better for the cars.

Super-Size Me

You’ve been looking for a reason to build a real garage, anyway. They’re trending bigger, and not necessarily because we’re buying more cars. We’re buying more things with wheels, period.

And there’s no room for them.

The riding lawnmower ends up huddling under the eaves wearing a canvas cover and beckoning all sorts of creepy crawlies. The bicycles tried the hang-upside-down-like-a-bat-from-the-rafters routine. It ended abruptly the first time the top of your head collided with a pair of handlebars. And we won’t even talk about the interesting pathway you have to take to roll the trash cans out to the curb.

Face it. There’s too much stuff – even if you don’t count your vehicles. Getting rid of things isn’t the answer, either. The solution lies in the other direction. Build a garage and workspace with the dimensions it should have had in the first place.

For The Cars, Of Course

There’s something supremely satisfying about pulling into a garage without worrying about running something over. Opening the driver’s door all the way without fear of banging the golf bags? Priceless.

It’s not a luxury. You need appropriate space around your vehicles to safely maneuver. Designing for that safety allows you to create a vehicle-centric space that’s comfortably separated from all the rest of the stuff that should live in your garage…if it could fit in your garage.

Massive Space, Minimum Cost

If you’ve got the space on your property, you’ve already taken care of the biggest obstacle. The next step is building a garage that’s free from size constraints. Our bolt together DIY garage packages are designed to be assembled yourself. We customize it to your dimensions, and it can be put together 3 times faster than conventional construction.

The strong steel web truss design creates opportunities for multi-level storage. You’re no longer limited to just the square footage you can stand on. Our clear-span, steel and wood garage solutions make it easy to create custom configurations that work for you – instead of the other way around.

You don’t end up with some kind of Frankenstein contraption that looks like a shed on steroids, because you choose the architectural elements you need to make it complement your home and other buildings on your property from the start.

It’s time for your garage to fit your life, instead of trying to fit your life into the garage. Miracle Truss® buildings are great at helping you do that.

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